Falling For The Wrong Guy

"Falling For The Wrong Guy" is a fun and easy twist to the original fanfictions. If you are looking for a romance, this is just what you will find :) Join Justin Bieber and Violet on a journey of a romance you will never forget!


1. Good Bye (Violet's POV)

"I'll see you soon baby!" "Okay" *crrk* I had just gotten off the phone with my boyfriend. I love him so much. He was great. He had forgotten our last date and a couple other ones, I'm not saying that's alright but, tonight he said he would make it up to me so i am giving him one more chance! He told me to wait at a bench at our local bus stop. It was snowing and created a beautiful winter scene. I stuck my tongue out and giggled as a snow flake landed on it. It probably looked strange as a young adult, 18 year old woman acting like a child, but I didn't care, life was coming along perfectly! People past by me and said I should go inside for it was freezing, but I insisted he would be here soon! It started to get a little colder so I pulled up my hood. I was getting worried so I called my boyfriend, he was already 30 minutes late, maybe he just thought the date was at 8:00 instead of 7:30. I called him and he picked up,"Hello?" He said questionably. "Hey honey it's me I was just wondering when you would be here." A girls voice in the background came on and said,"Baby, who is that?" "Baby?!?!" I screamed into the phone! "Babe hang up, I wanna continue our date." "Honey?" I started crying. "Look" my boyfriend Sean said. "I think we should see new people, ya see I wanted to let you down easily but I couldn't come and see you." "Baby come on she's old news!" The girls voice said, I could hear her kiss him and giggle. I hung up phone. My heart cracked in a million places, more than it ever had.
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