Falling For The Wrong Guy

"Falling For The Wrong Guy" is a fun and easy twist to the original fanfictions. If you are looking for a romance, this is just what you will find :) Join Justin Bieber and Violet on a journey of a romance you will never forget!


2. Found (Violet's POV)

I started to cry as tears rolled down my cheeks and fell on my jacket. Not only had my heart cracked but I became stone cold, my fingers became numb and I didn't care I kept crying smearing all of my makeup. I tried wiping the tears from my face when a young man started walking towards me, I turned around and he sat down. He scooted next to me and said,"Are you alright." He grabbed my hand and I felt his warmth go through my whole body. "You wanna let me see your beautiful face?" He said I started to turn around, wiping my tears off. I glanced at him over my shoulder and I was shocked! He was very cute, cuter than dumb Sean. I fully turned my body around and our eyes met, I started to feel warmer already. "Hey, let me buy you a coffee or something." I smiled and said, "Okay." I sniffled one last time and wiped my tears off. "Ya comin?" I giggled and he grabbed my hand and led me to the restaurant. I looked at him, this was not just a coffee place, this was the fanciest restaurant I have ever seen! We walked over to a table and he pulled my chair out and took my coat off of me. "Order whatever you want." He said looking at me with a large smile on his face. "It's okay I don't need much." "Please, let a guy treat you right for once." He obviously knew I just went through a heart break. "Okay." I replied. "Can I ask what your name is?" The man said. "Violet..." "That a beautiful name!" He said. He took a drink of the water that was on the table an said, "Im Justin." I giggled he had such a cute smirk on his face. "Not a bad name for yourself either." I said feeling a little risky. We kept giggling as the night went on. He was so sweet and kind, he cared. We began to lean in over the table for a kiss when my water spilt all over Justin. I began to laugh and he did to. "I'm so sorry!!!" "It's fine," he said smiling,"lets try again." We began to lean in again, but I stopped and jerked back immediately, "I have to go." I said. "Did I do something wrong?!?!" He said. "No I just can't stay."
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