Forever Young

Emily is only 20 years old with her daughter named Darcy. Darcy's father is her husband Harry Styles. When Darcy was born, Harry competed in the X factor with his new four friends which they call themeself One Direction. They gotten 3rd in the competition, but that didnt stop them to persue their dreams. Emily and Harry have spent their whole lives together and to Emily it's hard when Harry leaves, but Darcy is their for Emily to remind her if him. After 2 years, they are expecting their second baby and the same with Louis and Eleanor. Will it be too extreme?


1. Prologue

Harry imagine prologue
Forever Young

Emily's pov

My name is Emily Styles. I'm 20 years old like my husband Harry Styles. We got married last year with our 5 month old daughter Darcy,shes almost two now, and one on the way. I met Harry from my older sister, Lexie, and Harry's sister, Gemma, they both met at school and interduced me to Hazza when I was 9. I'm glad of it because I used to get bullied and hurt by mean people but Harry was always there for me and stood by me. He is the best friend, boyfriend, husband, and father anyone could ask for! It's really cool that he's in a band called One Direction with his five new friends he met at the X factor. They are soo nice! I love them! Now since Harry is busy with his work and it hard to be without Harry taking care of Darcy, then the new one. I'm glad that Dani, Ellie, and Perrie are always there to take care of Darcy and then the new one on the way
as well, not sure what it is yet, and that's really sweet of them to do that. When they have kids, or at least Perrie and Danielle since Eleanor and Lou are having one in a few weeks, I will do the same with them for being so sweet. But the only bad thing is how much they spoil little Darcy with gifts and everything like that but the only good thing is I don't have to buy her new clothes and shoes. Aha! I'm kidding but I know she loves the I'm worried what she will do when the new baby comes with me and El and that she won't get as much attention as she does now....great.....

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