Forever Young

Emily is only 20 years old with her daughter named Darcy. Darcy's father is her husband Harry Styles. When Darcy was born, Harry competed in the X factor with his new four friends which they call themeself One Direction. They gotten 3rd in the competition, but that didnt stop them to persue their dreams. Emily and Harry have spent their whole lives together and to Emily it's hard when Harry leaves, but Darcy is their for Emily to remind her if him. After 2 years, they are expecting their second baby and the same with Louis and Eleanor. Will it be too extreme?


4. New addition to the family!!

Emily's pov
“ Guys....i like you to met....Sunni Tomlinson” Eleanor says not taking her eyes off of Sunni. There were a lot of awws and congratz in the room. “ she looks exactly like Eleanor...beautiful” Louis said with a smile. “ Aw Lou” Eleanor said kissing him. But it was true what Louis said Sunni does look a lot like Eleanor but with Lou's blue eyes. I looked at Darcy as she just stared at Sunni. “...Darcy? you ok?” i say grabing her from Harry as he gave Lou a hug. “ Who that?” she said pointing to Sunni. “Well that's your new baby cousin, Sunni” I told her as I moved closer to Eleanor.
“ she's not sister?” she says looking at me with confusion.“ No, love. Your sister or brother isn't here yet. In 3 months he or she will ok. Why?” I ask her staring in those green eyes that she obviously got from Harry. “ to play dolls with” she says. Then that's when I realized she only plays with the boys alot, and the girls but not much since they have there careers, and she needs a girl to play with. I ask Louis to watch Darcy while I talk to Harry. I grab Harry to outside the room. “ What's wrong, love. You seem concerned?” Harry says like he want to know what's going on. “Darcy. I'm concerned about her” I say,“ she needs someone to play with...i just realized that she really doesn't have anyone except you, me,and the boys to play with and now Sunni has came I'm not sure how much they will play with her now.” Harry saw the concern in my eyes and thought about it for a minute.
“ Hey remember our friend Lezza from High School? Well I herd that she has a daughter too that's Darcys age!” I saw the excitement in Harrys eyes and voice as he said that.
“ Thats great!!! We were great friends in high school and I have her number!” I smiled happily. I will do anything for my little Darcy because I was the same way as a child.
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