Forever Young

Emily is only 20 years old with her daughter named Darcy. Darcy's father is her husband Harry Styles. When Darcy was born, Harry competed in the X factor with his new four friends which they call themeself One Direction. They gotten 3rd in the competition, but that didnt stop them to persue their dreams. Emily and Harry have spent their whole lives together and to Emily it's hard when Harry leaves, but Darcy is their for Emily to remind her if him. After 2 years, they are expecting their second baby and the same with Louis and Eleanor. Will it be too extreme?


5. Lezza!!

Emily's pov

I talked to Lezza and she said she would love to come over! I was so excited for two reasons. 1. Darcy. 2. To seeing my friend I haven't seen in years! I told Darcy that I have a surprise for her and as soon as the door bell rang she dashed right for the door. I opened it for her and she hugged Lezza's legs. She always goes straight for the legs, but it's so adorable! “ well hello! You must be Darcy.” she said in her sweet voice she always had. I grabbed Darcy from her legs and held her at my waist but careful since I have a baby bump that is getting a little big but very noticable. I said,“ yes she is. Hey Darcy why don't you and Jenny go see daddy ok?” “ ok mummy” she said as i put her down and she grabbed Jenny's hand a ran toward Harry inside. “ Omg Emily!!!!!! It's been soo long!!!! How are you?! ” she said as I let her in the flat. “ it's been great! Im litterly having an amazing time with of my life! When Darcy came along, Harry was loving his life with his best mates that he got put together from the xfactor. He's band is a big it here and in America. There called One Direction, maybe you have herd of them?” I say as were walking over to where the girls and Harry were. “ that's wonderful Emily!!!! And yeah I herd them before on the radio. Wow. I can't believe that i knoeone on the members of one direction!” We both laugh and smile. “ yep I know” I said smiling. We both got into the kitchen were Harry and Jenny were and Harry came toward us and hugged Lezza. “ hi lezza! I missed you so much! How have you been?” He said as we let go. “ it's been wonderful! And I met this wonderful guy named Daniel and it just went on from there and then before i knew iy Jenny was here” she said smiling and sorta started to blush.
“Aww! love at first sight! That's wonderful!! ” I said happily. “ yep!” we all laughed. We were talking and catching up while the girls were playing either in Darcys room or in the kitchen with the crayons.

I had such a fun time hanging out with my friend I haven't seen in years! I could tell Darcy was having fun as well. Me and Lez made plans for a play date for them for 2 days a week. We switch of at who's house they are at every week. I'm just glad that she made a new friend to play with.
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