Forever Young

Emily is only 20 years old with her daughter named Darcy. Darcy's father is her husband Harry Styles. When Darcy was born, Harry competed in the X factor with his new four friends which they call themeself One Direction. They gotten 3rd in the competition, but that didnt stop them to persue their dreams. Emily and Harry have spent their whole lives together and to Emily it's hard when Harry leaves, but Darcy is their for Emily to remind her if him. After 2 years, they are expecting their second baby and the same with Louis and Eleanor. Will it be too extreme?


3. Is it time?


Emily's pov

I just put Darcy to sleep after we watched Toy Story 2, which was acually Liam's, but he wouldn't let us borrow and watch it without him watching it with us. I swear sometimes I think he is as special as Harry . But I'm not complaining. After Liam left and Darcy was asleep, me and Harry watched a movie of our own. We haven't done that in a while. I think since Darcy was born. It was so nice to spend time with Harry. When the movie was over it was about 11pm so we decided to go be bed. Around 1am Harry's phone went off. He both saw that it is louis calling. We both looked at each other with concern. Harry answered it, “Hey, Lou.......WHAT!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!.... Ok were on our way!” “what happened?” I asked with a nervous voice. “ El is having the baby right now!!!” I just gasped “oh my gosh! Let's go!” I say as I grab my jumper, which is acually Harry's purple Jack Willis one, and my Toms Lou gave me as Harry got Darcy in her car seat without waking her. I give Harry his white converse shoes and we leave to the hospital.

“ mummy?” Darcy asks as she wakes up. “ No, love go back to sleep ok?” “ ok mummy.....can i sleep om daddy?” she asks giving me green puppy dog eyes. “Sure, love” I say and she climbs over to Harry next to me and falls asleep on Harrys chest. “ Awww” is all I can say. After about an two and a half hours of waiting, Louis came out and said we can go see El. I was soo excited too see her and the new addition to the Tomlinson family.

When I got into the room I saw Liam, Dani, Zayn, Perrie and Niall crowding around Eleanor. El had the baby in her hands. “ Guys, I'd like you too met.....”

Cliff hanger
What are good names for a boy or a girl? And what should the baby be a boy or a girl? Please comment to what you think it should be and the first one to comment will be the winning name :) good luck!!

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