Forever Young

Emily is only 20 years old with her daughter named Darcy. Darcy's father is her husband Harry Styles. When Darcy was born, Harry competed in the X factor with his new four friends which they call themeself One Direction. They gotten 3rd in the competition, but that didnt stop them to persue their dreams. Emily and Harry have spent their whole lives together and to Emily it's hard when Harry leaves, but Darcy is their for Emily to remind her if him. After 2 years, they are expecting their second baby and the same with Louis and Eleanor. Will it be too extreme?


2. Harry's birthday

Emily's pov
I really red to talk to Darcy about how things will be going on around here with two new babies coming along when i get home. i know that shes two, but she really knows alot for her age. I walk in around 5 o'clock to the flat me and Harry share. I walked in and saw him and Darcy talking and sitting at our couch and looking at Harry's laptop.“ what are you two guys doing?” I say picking up Darcy and placing her on my lap and sitting next to Harry. “ well me and Darcy were talking, and we think that we should get a house. The reason is because we are going to have another child and our flat is small and since the guys are always here and staying the night too.” he said looking at me with those beautiful green eyes. “Yeah I guess you are right,” I said looking at our small flat,“ and the guys are always here and saying how the need a room for them self. ,” I say playing with Darcy's chocolate brown curls. “ yea if we do get a house we have to a game room or they ,and I, will freak out especially Louis.” he said smiling showing me his adorable dimples.He got up and grabed Darcy and held her at his side and looked at her.“ hey Darcy, do you know who's birthday it is tommorow” i asked her. “ Daddy's!!” she said pointing to harry and putting her arms out to h. I just smiled and Harry grabed from me. “Yes, love it is my birthday tomorrow. And do you know what I really want for my birthday?” I asked her and she shook her head, “ no daddy .”
“ well, you know that both mummy and Auntie El are both having baby's right? Well you know that I'm not always here to help mummy with you and your baby sister or brother, so I can you be my big girl and help mummy?” She smiled big and nodded. I love her smile so much.

Harry's pov

Today was my 20th birthday and the first thing I saw was my two favourite girls the the world. They had brought me a big tray with little legs at the end. There was a plate on it with eggs, bacon, and toast with my favourite thing. Orange juice. “ you didn't have to do this! That's so sweet! ” I smiled and kissed Darcy, who was sitting right next to me, on the cheek and Emily. “ no problem, love” Emily said smiling. God, I love that smile. “ Louis called and said he could come!” Emily said as sat on the bed on the other side of me. “ really?Yes!! Now it's equal teams!” We were going bowling later on and we were going to be on teams, but since lou wasn't going to be there because of Eleanor could have their baby at that time, but now I'm guessing he can! After the bed in breakfast, I went on twitter and I saw that #HarryDoABdayTwitcam was trending so me, Emily, and Darcy did a TWITCAM which I haven't done on in a while and Darcy loved it and wanted to do it again. She's just so adorable! After the TWITCAM, it was time to go bowling. It was girl vs boys. Eleanor, Emily, Danielle, Perrie, and Darcy were on a team and me and the boys were on a team. We had lots of fun! Of corse the boys team won by 12 points! I will be honest and say that it was a tough game. I didn't know that the girls were that good. Wow.
After, we went to Nandos, which was Niall's idea, and I got a bunch of amazing stuff from the guys! I thanked them so much I couldn't count. Once we left, they came over and watched at least 2 movies and Louis and Eleanor had to go in the middle of the first movie. After 4 1/2 hours, everyone had to go so I thanked them for coming. Emily put Darcy to bed while I put everything away. It was a night that couldn't be forgotten
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