Let it Snow

Niall comes over to visit at university and shows his special snowflake what winter is all about. xx


2. Our Snowman

"But what are the extra ones for?" I questioned.


"……..Your imaginary fri-"

"Our snowman!" he said, cutting me off. He uses that name for way too many things.

"Okay let's go rightnowrightnowrightnow!!" Niall knew that when I was jumping in place like that, all of my patience was gone.

So we ripped all of the tags off and got bundled up and ready to go outside in the snow. I carried Michael's things in one arm as we held hands on our way downstairs.

"Looks good!" I said as Niall stuck the right arm of our snowman in his middle circle. While he was occupied with that, I bent down to form a snowball in my hands. My aim was good and it hit him right in between the shoulders.

It was on like Donkey Kong. He used the Michael as a shield and left me defenseless.  I got a few good hits in and I was really happy we were getting sometime to be silly and have fun together.

Then it happened. Niall threw a snowball

with a little too much muscle. 

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