Let it Snow

Niall comes over to visit at university and shows his special snowflake what winter is all about. xx


3. Kiss the Cold Away

It hit me right in the face.

"Baaaaabe.." I whimpered. I tried to wipe some of the snow off but my gloves were caked in snow themselves. I couldn't see a thing.

"No, no, don't try. Here I come." His voice changed then. I could tell he was genuinely sorry. I could just tell that he cared so much, even about things as small as snow.

It burned. I could hear him brushing off his gloves as he got closer. Then, I felt his soft gloves start to gently wipe the snow away. I was able to open my eyes long enough just to see him lean towards me. i started to bring my lips together as he just started kissing my whole face. My forehead, nose, both cheeks and every other spot that doesn't have a name. I couldn't resist from giggling for too long, so I started to push him away.

"I have to make it better," he said, "just one more!" And with his index finger and his thumb, he grabbed my chin and pulled me up for one more kiss.




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