Fate brought us together

Hi i'm Leia(Lay-a) and fate brought me to 5 boys and 3 new best friends!! Sydney is my hometown, live a few minutes from Bondi beach, they live in London/Ireland, they were on their world tour, Sydney being one of their Concerts. Who would of thought i would ever run into one of the boys...


2. crashing at 1D's flat

Leia's POV

"Um hey whats your name?" Niall asked me, "um... Leia," "so how would you spell that?" Niall asked, "um.. L..E..I..A..!" i yelled giggling. "its a beautiful and unique name Leia," Niall said to me, "and it sounds even more beautiful when you say it," i said blushing with caused him to blush." so Leia do you know where the nearest Nandos is?" Niall asked, "yep Niall its on our left all the way down to hall Street and then almost all the way up," i said back to him. So we ended up getting a taxi there, well i would have walked but i was really tied and Niall was feeling very lazy. Since Niall bought almost the whole menu, we had to wait a while about 1 hour so, in that hour we had calls and texts from basically Louis,Harry and Zayn, Liam didn't call or text because (as Niall explained to me earlier) he knew that Niall would buy almost the whole menu. Well after a while we get back to the hotel (which apparently that's where the boys were staying). "So are you crashing at our flat??" Niall asked me. "Oh i dunno, would the boys mind?" i asked him, "Well they boys wouldn't mind especially Louis he loves to have girls over so El can have more friends that he knows, Louis is funny like that," Niall replied, "okay well its settled, i'll give you my room number, its um 503 Level 6," i said. "Well that's wonderful!! We're on the same level and your just down to hallway, i'm in room 506," Niall replied excitedly. We ran to the lift, up we when, i ran to my flat to get my stuff together for the night.

Louis"s POV

I heard someone bouncing through the hallway to our flat door, this person was heisting or maybe this someone was talking to another person, so i decided to open the door. Sure enough Niall fell on top of me, "hey i was leaning on the door, did you have to open it?" Niall said to me, of course i paid little Attention to him, i was more focus on this beautiful girl just down the hallway, literally i could almost see her blush of the site of me looking at her, of course she giggled, then i remembered Eleanor, that's why i was looking at this girl, she must of reminded me of Eleanor, they would love each others company for sure.Well she must of asked Niall if she could stay for the night, great! A fan, wait Niall wouldn't let a fangirling fan to our flat at all, she must be able to control it, amazing, hmmmm... maybe their secretly going out, nah he probably knows next to nothing about her.Maybe he only knows her name, well then i have to know more about her before Niall does.GREAT!! she's probably is sleeping in Niall and Liam's room so i can't get her to be friend with Eleanor overnight via skype and twitter.Well that's a problem.

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