Fate brought us together

Hi i'm Leia(Lay-a) and fate brought me to 5 boys and 3 new best friends!! Sydney is my hometown, live a few minutes from Bondi beach, they live in London/Ireland, they were on their world tour, Sydney being one of their Concerts. Who would of thought i would ever run into one of the boys...


1. Fans, Paparazzi's and Niall??

Leia's POV

It was about 10pm i was walking down Curlewis Street  down to my hotel which was called Swiss Grand Resort, i was walking past IGA to find a crowd of Fans running and Paparazzi's cameras flashing after Niall??no way is that Niall, wait their running down the street my hotel is on!! So i ran after them i turned left onto Campbell Parade, they were to fast the crowd ran all the way down Campbell Parade onto Beach Road. Oh well i walked back to my hotel (i was on beach road) i turned around to where my hotel was, i was standing there until i was pushed to the floor by... NIALL?!?! "I'm so sorry Miss," said A cute Irish boy with gorgeous blue eyes which was Obviously Niall i was still trying to realize that to "Um.. its okay were you being chased by fans?"," Well i wouldn't call it chased i would say more followed,i'm quite surprised that you aren't fangirling right now," niall replied. "Well lets just say i'm keeping it in, hehe". His phone rang hehe his ringtone was him yelling "NANDOS HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!"  "So sorry i have to take this it's um.. Liam"he said to me. Wait what?!?! he just said Liam?!?! OMG he means LIAM PAYNE!!!!!!! " Li, i'm going to put you on speaker," niall said into his phone, i'm sure niall must of saw me face i'm pretty sure i look surprised."Ni where are you?" liam said "Um??? i don't know?"niall said back " um do you know where we are?"niall asked me, oh gosh niall just asked me a question, i should be the one asking questions!!! "Um.. Campbell Parade,outside Swiss grand resort," i said back to niall," did you hear that Li?" niall said he turned and smiled at me. "So your outside our hotel, good do you have our midnight snack from nandos?"liam asked,"not exactly li but i have a lovely girl here with me,"niall said, i blushed.

Louis's POV

I was sitting on the couch with Hazza,while Zayn was doing something in the kitchen, finding a snack probably."I am staving!!! Hazza can you be my slave for 5 minutes and get me a peeled carrot?", "aww Lou's hungry!!!! no, you hae your own arms and legs Lou " hazza said back to me, "Ugh, fine!!Hazza!!!" i said playfully push hazza off the couch. I walked to the kitchen door, Zayn came out "Louie put your hands out open your mouth and close your eyes," he said,, "Um why?" so i did as i was told and a hard but crunchy cylinder shaped stick was shoved into my mouth and lots of them fell onto my hands, i opened my eyes.. OF COURSE IT WAS CARROTS!!!!!!! "THANKS ZAYN, least i can count on you to feed me," i said to Zayn, "No prob," he said back to me. i was munching on a carrot walking into Liam and Nialls room to find Liam laying on their bed talking to someone... Niall!!! "HI NIALL!!!!!!!!!!" i yelled into liam's phone. "Um?? Hey Lou!!!" Niall said back to me, "Hehe hi Louie!!" said this girl, i opened my mouth, liam shrugged so i'm guessing he didn't know who she was either. "i thought you knew where the nearest nandos... " liam paused " he hanged up," he said, liam got a text probably from Niall, i jumped onto Liam "whose it from!"," Just Niall telling me that a girl called Leia pushed him over and he pressed the end button on his phone and that Leia is taking him to the nearest Nandos," liam said back to me. "Oh okay!" i said bouncing out of the room, "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i yelled bouncing through the hallway down to my lounge room.

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