A Misty Morning - Niall Horan Fanfiction

A special someone comes to save the day as Ariel gets abused by her boyfriend, the 'special someone' and Ariel quickly fall in love, but love has got it's ups and downs.


6. The Plaza

~ scenario: strolling around the plaza you guys went to after lunch~

I was walking beside Niall. he was bumping into my hand a couple times, so i slid by and grabbed his. i looked down, then glanced up at him, to see him smirking at me. i giggled, and smiled to myself. 

At lunch, I finally got to meet Eleanor. She was such a doll.

We all quickly made out seperate ways, I was with Niall, Ari was with Josh, Tiana was with Harry, Louis & Eleanor, Zayn & Liam. The plaza was pretty full, but it was still really easy to slip through crowds. Niall looked down at me, I smiled and lay my head on his arm as our fingers kept intertwined  "Where do you want to go off to?" He asked, "We've got a good hour to spend here before me meet everyone back at the van." I smiled, "You choose, I don't really want anything." "You are such a bad liar." We laughed, "Come on, just choose a store, or I'll have to choose for you." I laughed, "Good luck choosing them!" He dragged me over to the HUGE Forever 21. I tried to hide a smile, I loved this store. "Oh come on, I saw your sweater the other day, you got it here." He smiled. "And how would you know that Mr. Horan?" I said, crossing my arms. "Do you not understand how many times I've been dragged shopping with Lou & El?" I laughed, he took my hand, "Come on." I walked in with him, it was like heaven. Racks of clothes, jewelery, and shoes. I had the biggest smile on my face. "Choose something you want." He said, I didn't even hesitate to disagree, just went straight to the clothes, after about 20 minutes I had a perfect outfit in my hand, and just the right amount of money for it. White V-neck tee with a rock band logo print, Maroon cardigan, Black shorts with gold prism studs, leggings with heart patches on the knees, and black studded slip on shoes. It was so perfect. Niall lagged around behind me, preoccupied on the strings on clothes. "Niall hold this for me pleeease? I just need to get my wallet out." I said handing him the clothes. I dug through my satchel looking for my wallet, and once I had gotten it out, Niall was gone. I spotted him at the cash registers, and made a run for it.
Niall's POV~
When she handed me the clothes, I had the greatest Idea. I quickly ran to the registers, set the clothes on the counter, and pulled out my card. A good $53.67. not like it would actually made a drastic effect on my balance. As I handed the cashier my card, Ariel came running up to me, and gave me a dirty look. "How could you even?" She said. I smiled and laughed, "But Niall, I feel so bad." I smirked at her, "Why? Most people thank me after this." She rolled her eyes. "This is an adorable outfit." The cashier said, looking in Ariel's direction. Ariel smiled, "I'm thinking of wearing it to a concert tonight, what do you think?" The cashier smiled, "I think it's just perfect for that occasion," she said handing me the yellow bag. She smirked at me, "Take care of her." Ariel gave me a look, motioning me to come walk with her. I smiled at the cashier, "I sure will." When I finally caught up to Ariel, she gave me a kiss on the cheek. "What was that for?" I asked, just barely blushing. "For the outfit, dummy." She giggled. I slowly went behind her, brushing against her back. I moved her hair out of the way, and set my head on her left shoulder, as my hands slowly slipped down her waist, and towards her stomach. She turned her head towards me, smiling. "Anything for a princess." I said, slowly breathing behind her back as we waddled around the plaza.

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