A Misty Morning - Niall Horan Fanfiction

A special someone comes to save the day as Ariel gets abused by her boyfriend, the 'special someone' and Ariel quickly fall in love, but love has got it's ups and downs.


4. Phone Calls

Ariana was impatiently smiling. i rolled my eyes, “everything you saw on the news is all that happened.” i said, as my phone buzzed, she grabbed it from me. “ARIANA, GIVE IT.” i said struggling to get it, but eventually gave up. she opened it. “my skype’s …” she read out loud putting the phone down. “you. are such. an asshole.” she said staring at me. i laughed and ran to my laptop. she rolled her eyes and handed me my phone. “hurry and reply.” she said, finally calming down. i read it, smiled, and replied, i logged on and typed in his name, then sent a friend request. seconds later, he accepted. i could see Ari fangirling in the corner of my eye, as he called me, i answered with video. his video was already on. “hi.” he said with a cheeky smile. we smiled back. “NIALL’S TALKING TO HIS GIRLFRIEND AGAIN, JOSH, LOOK.” Liam screamed from next to him, he laughed turning red, “shut up, you cunt, oh my god, everyone is coming now.” he said shaking his head down, i covered my face as i laughed, i blushed too. when i looked up, everyone was on screen. “hey, who’s that?” Josh asked, pointing to Ariana, on the screen. She smiled. “i’m ari.” she said waving. “oh so this is the one you were talking about, Ariel?” Niall asked. i nodded, they looked at him weirdly, “when did you speak to her?” Harry asked. They all gave him faces. he smiled, cheeky. Josh whispered in his ear. Niall nodded. “Ari, is Tiana home?” i asked her, tiana was the other musketeer, missing from us. she nodded. “yeah, i was talking to her earlier.” “okay, cool, can you go knock on her door?” i asked. she nodde, got up, and went outside. “you guys live next to each other?” Harry asked. i nodded,and smiled, yeah Ariana lives next to me, and Tiana lives across the street from me.” i said, as they nodded. Tiana and Ari entered the room, i went up to hug tiana as she came in. as we layed down, a smile lit up on her face. “is that…. is that really…?” she said looking at both of us. we nodded smiling. her jaw dropped. she turned to the camera and smiled, “that’s tiana?!” Harry said, his eyes buldged. “your eyes are like buldging, i said poking the screen. niall wrapped his arm around his neck, with a guilty smile on his face, Louis laughed, “that’s not the only thing buldging.” he said as they all looked down. “OH GOD HARRY.” zayn yelled as they broke out, and everyone, including us laughed. “i think someoneee likesss youuuu!” i said teasing her. she blushed. as everyone came back, niall asked, “so you guys are going tomorrow right?” i smiled and nodded. “wait. what?!” everyone said except me & him. “you didn’t tell them?” we both said at the same time, with guilty smiles. everyone laughed. “so we’re going to where tomorrow?” Ariana asked, looking at me. “oh the concert.” they stared at me like i was crazy. “THE ONE WE WERE SUPPOSED TO GO TO?!” Tiana yelled. i nodded, “oh. my. god.” she said as she fangirled quietly. “wait.. so i heard about you and daniel..” she said as she calmed down. “can you sorta not, bring that up…” i said, quietly. she bit her lip, nodded, and looked down. “so are you guys ready for tomorrow?” Louis said breaking the ice. we smiled and nodded. we spent the rest of the night talking, laughing, sharing secrets, & embarrassing each other, and eventually fell asleep. 

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