A Misty Morning - Niall Horan Fanfiction

A special someone comes to save the day as Ariel gets abused by her boyfriend, the 'special someone' and Ariel quickly fall in love, but love has got it's ups and downs.


5. I'm not lying!


My phone buzzed, i rubbed my eyes as i read it. babe, can we come get you guys at lunch? i read. he just called me babeee <3 ah asdfghjkl; it was already 11:21 AM. no one was up except me. sure! we’ll be ready by then! i texted back as i got up and hit them both with a pillow. “GET UP THEY’RE COMING TO GET US IN 20 MINUTESS!” i yelled at the top of my lungs. they got up with worry. we didn’t even speak, they just left to their houses to get ready. i picked out some casual clothes, a gray, faded, v-neck shirt, that said riot across of it, and some shorts. i put my hair up in a bun, slid on my vans, and headed downstairs. “bye mom! bye dad! love you guys!” i said heading towards the door. they waved and blew kisses, & i ran over to Tiana’s house. 

As i got to tiana’s door, it swung open before i could even knock. it was her brother. “yous. are. such. retards.” he said as he started to walk out with their mom. “mom, you really believe that she’s going to meet up with ONE DIRECTION?! you’re kidding right?! you’re letter her miss her counseling FOR THAT?!?!?” he yelled with anger. their mom shrugged, as she turned to Tiana, and Ariana beside her, “he does have a point sweetie..” she said as she went up to push her hair behind her ear. “.. but mom..” Tiana said, before her brother interrupted her, “shut it, mom said no, now let’s go.” he said, proving himself right. a car pulled up next to my house. the doors swung open, and the boys got out. “Niall!” i yelled, getting all of their attention. everyone turned, Ari, Tiana, her brother, and her mom, facing them, with shock, and the boys with smiles on their faces as they walked towards us. “is.. that..” her brother said. “i wasn’t lying!” Tiana said proving them wrong. Niall came up to me for a hug, and i eventually got a hug from all the other guys too. “You must be Tiana’s mum, as i can see, nice to meet you, i’m Harry.” he said shaking hands with her. she smiled, “take care of her.” she said as she and her brother got into the car, still shocked. we headed back over to their car, in front of my house, my mom was watering the plants. “bye mom!” i said one last time. she smiled at everyone, “have fun you guys!” she said, getting back to watering. i got into the car and sat next to Niall.



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