A Misty Morning - Niall Horan Fanfiction

A special someone comes to save the day as Ariel gets abused by her boyfriend, the 'special someone' and Ariel quickly fall in love, but love has got it's ups and downs.


3. Great Night

They had dropped me home, since i didn’t have a ride, and i was to meet them at the back of the Nokia Canter at 5 PM tomorrow. seemed like an amazing plan, i hugged them , and waved bye as i walked to my door. right as i opened it, they were still there, probably watching to see if i was safe. i smiled, and waved one last time. i walked in to see my parents staring at me, with blank faces. everything had turned awkward. “uh.. hi?” i said with a smile. my mom smiled and came up to me, “so how was… NO. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED ARIEL?!” she said yelling at me. i was already scared, “did daniel really do that to you?” my dad asked. oh.. they saw… i began crying again. they took me to the couch. “why didn’t you just tell us?” she asked as she rubbed my face. i shook my head. “mom, did you see what niall went through, just to break us up?!” i yelled at her. “.. wait.. niall? from one direction? the one you like? HE helped you?” my dad said. i nodded as they were both shocked. my mom smiled at me, but still worried, “just, please baby, when something like that happens, tell us. please, we don’t want you hurt..” she said slowly, kissing me on the forehead. i nodded. i started heading up to my room. “so… are you going out with that niall boy?” my mom asked as i got to the first landing. i smiled to myself, and turned to her, as she gave me a fishy face. i blinked and smiled, but quickly shook my head. “the boys invited me to see the concert tomorrow though.. can i go?” - “BOYS?” my dad shrieked. i rolled my eyes, “mom, explain.” she laughed, “one direction, is who she calls the boys, beb.” “oh.” he said, looking back down at his phone. “and yes, babygirl, it’s fine if you go, just be sure you don’t get hurt. is Ari going with you?” she asked, me heading farther up, “i don’t know, i’ll ask them if she can, though.” i said as i ran up to my room and got onto my phone. i read my hand, nialler’s phone number: 1 (563) 965-3376 it said, i smiled. i immediantly texted him. hi :) i texted, saving his number, then setting my phone down, to get into my pjs. when i hopped back onto my bed, i decided to call Ari, my best friend. as the phone rang, i felt a buzz. it was niall. is this Ariel? :) i read, ah i smiled at everything. yeaah. :) i texted back, as Ariana finally decided to pick up the phone. “OH MY GOD ARIEL HOW COULD YOU GO WITH OUT ME?! HOW WAS IT?! ARE THEY AS CUTE IN PERSON?! WHAT ARE THEIR PERSONALITIES LIKE?!” she yelled through the phone. my phone rang again, it was niall. “oh my god, ari wait up, someone’s calling, i’ll put you in.” i said really fast, answering niall’s and verging Ari’s in. i put niall on hold. “Ari, you keep it quiet.” i yelled at her as she did as told. i put niall off hold and answered. “hello? ariel?” he said. “sorry, my mom called me.” i said as he laughed, “it’s fine, so what’s up, are you feeling better?” he asked. “i’m doing so much better, and my parents said i could go tomorrow. i heard Ariel gasp. “shut up.” i said, “what?” niall said, cofused. “oh no not you! i was talking to my uh, mom…” i said, worried. “who’s with you?” he asked. “what…?” i said, lying. “OH MY GOD. ARIEL IS THAT NIALL. OH MY GOD NIALL. HI.” Ari screamed, “OH. MY. GOD.” i said shaking my head as niall died of laughter. “Ari, come over, we need to speeak.” i said as i hung up on her. “jesus christ oh my god, she is such a creep sometimes.” i said as niall was still dying of laughter. “you should bring her tomorrow! intorduce her to the boys!” he said. “yay! that’d be really fun.” i said smiling. “let’s skype?” he asked randomly. i was shocked. “yeah!” i replied. “yay! i’ll text you my username?” he said. i smiled sooo big. “yeah! kay, call you on there! bye!” i said as i hung up, still smilingggg. my door swung open. “tell me everything, now!” i turned to see Ari’s happy face.

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