A Misty Morning - Niall Horan Fanfiction

A special someone comes to save the day as Ariel gets abused by her boyfriend, the 'special someone' and Ariel quickly fall in love, but love has got it's ups and downs.


1. Starbucks

it was a cold, misty morning. my forced, abusive boyfriend, Daniel, had woken me up early to get starbucks and groceries. “what do you want?” he asked, i looked down at my hands, “nothing.” i said slowly. he grabbed my jaw, “don’t do this shit to me.” he said. i turned away, as he ordered. the cashier stared at him in fear, probably seeing what he had done. i walked away to go find a seat. i sat, depressed, as i saw two feet walk up to me and stop. “i saw what he did to you.” a boy with a sweet, yet smooth accent said. i looked up to see niall horan, from one direction in front of me. i gasped with surprise. he took a seat. “so he’s ya boyfriend?” i sighed and nodded slowly. “he seems really abusive..” he said as he looked at me whilst i refused to make eye contact with him, “yeah, i really don’t even understand why we’re together.” i said, slumly. “have you ever tried breaking up?” i nodded as a tear dropped from my face. he lifted my chin up and wiped the tear off. “niall, he would hurt me if i were to try, i can’t really handle it anymore.” i said as i sighed. “so you know me?” he said as he smirked and he hugged me. i heard awws, probably from fans, but i didn’t even care. niall cares about me. woah, just woah. i saw daniel coming from the corner of my eye. “niall, he’s coming, you should go.” i said letting go. “wait.” he said as he scribbled down a number on my hand, “call me or text me whenever you’re alone.” he said as he smiled, and waved, keeping an eye on me as daniel came towards. i looked back down. daniel pulled me up from the jaw again, but so much harder this time. everyone stopped and stared. “who the fuck was that?” he asked, grasp getting tighter every second. “it was n-niall.. from, th-the ba-band i l-like?” i said with a stutter. “don’t lie to me ariel fucking anne.” he said grasping so much tighter, i felt as if i was bleeding. niall stopped and stared. go, i mouthed to him. he stood with a blank, sorry face, i can’t he mouthed back. i slowly blinked, biting my lip. refusing to say anything. he grabbed me as hard as he could and threw me on the floor, bruised, bleeding, sobbing. everyone gasped and started to come for my help. “LET’S GO ARIEL.” i did as he said, not wanting to get hurt again. “ARIEL!” i heard niall’s voice yell. i turned around, he was standing there with the boys, and paul, all with sorrow in their faces as they saw the condition i was in. he signaled for me to come as he stepped toward me. stop, i can’t i mouthed to him as daniel watched me impatiently. his eyes drooped down, all the sorrow in his face was killing me, he tried to step closer, but paul held him back. i felt someone pull me by the sleeve. “let’s go ariel.” daniel said as we started to step out. i’m so sorry i mouthed to niall. he stared, “stop.” he said blankly. i stared at him like he was a nuthead. daniel turned around, “let her go.” niall said as he struggled to get paul to let go of him. daniel smirked as he threw me to the counter, the workers came for my help. niall and daniel were face to face, i was actually more worried for niall, rather than daniel.

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