*Setting- Britian*
*All the boys are in highschool still*
Anna, a simple girl who hardly gets noticed, goes to school with a boy band, One Direction. They were recently on X-Factor and won. It was hard to get noticed at Livensting Prep, but not hard for the boys. Anna had a crush on Niall. Niall had every class with her, but was dating Sabrina, the biggest bratty prep. Soon things will change.


4. Wanted to say Hi.


She saw me looking at her. She looked somewhat happy. Her mom was with her. She was wearing a v-neck shirt and boots and her hair pulled in a bun. I was just looking at her because I had just noticed her. Her mom looked so sulkened. I wish I would have been able to talk to her mom. She was always such a nice, helpful lady. We had gone to mall to pick out new clothes for a gig we had tonight. Right then I recieved a text

My Baby: Been thinking of you. Good luck tonight. XOXO

"Who was that?" Harry asked. "Sabrina" I answered. All the boys started to ohhhh. "Was it a DIRTY text?" asked Louis. "No." all the boys started laughing. Sabrina was good and all but she liked to boss me around but things like last night keep me around and all the boys knew that. Sunday was just a lazy day which all days after a gig were. Monday morning I walked into History, to find just a couple people in class, including Anna and her friend that she has soon adopted after we stopped hanging out. I didnt really know the other girl's name. I walked up to them and said "Hi Anna." she kind of looked embarrased. "Hi." she replied quickly. " I saw you and your mother at the mall Saturday and wanted to say hi and all but you know, cant leave without getting attacked by fans." I said. "I completely understand." she said. "Do tell your mom I said hi please." I walked off as people started to walk in. I didnt have this class with Sabrina or any of the boys and that was ok.

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