*Setting- Britian*
*All the boys are in highschool still*
Anna, a simple girl who hardly gets noticed, goes to school with a boy band, One Direction. They were recently on X-Factor and won. It was hard to get noticed at Livensting Prep, but not hard for the boys. Anna had a crush on Niall. Niall had every class with her, but was dating Sabrina, the biggest bratty prep. Soon things will change.


8. The Break Up


What did I just do? No. No. I don't regret it. "Anna, I want to be with you." She looked scared and excited at the same time. "What about Sabrina?" She asked as she slowly lost her confidence. "I was planning on dumping her soon anyways, I'm going to do it tonight." I answered. "My mom always warned me about something though." She looked sad. "What?" "If a guy is willing to cheat on his girl with you, then he is willing to cheat on you with another girl." I had heard this statement before. I wanted her to know how I felt though. How could I let her understand this? She started crying because I was standing there silently. I gently kissed her on the lips and whiped off her tears. "Trust me." Then left. I got in the car and texted Sabrina.

Me: Hey.

Sabrina: Hey babe. What's up?

Me: Nothing. What are you doing tonight?

Sabrina: I was thinking, your place?

Me: No. How about we go out to eat?

Sabrina: Sounds good. Pick me up around 6?

Me: Ok.

It was 6:00 on the dot and I pulled up in Sabrina's driveway, noticing I had a notification on my phone.

@SabrinaS: Going to eat with the best boy ever @NiallOfficial

I ignored it and went to the door. She was at the door, like she was waiting. She was wearing her usual "must be perfect" outfit. Her brunette hair was mid-length and was straight at the moment. She went in for a kiss and I dodged her, instead looking at her mom behind her. They looked very similair. "Hi Mrs. Sharmane" I said. "Hi Niall. How are you." "Great." I repied. "Ok, bye mom." exclaimed Sabrina while shutting the door behind her. "Where are we going?" She asked. "I was thing the deli downtown." "A deli?" She sounded disgusted. She was never satisfied. I knew Anna would love to go to a deli. "Yeah, a deli." "Why don't you ever take me somewhere special?!" "Why can't you ever be satisfied," I screamed, "you know what I can't do this." "Do what?" She looked worried. "Be with you.""Huh." she said with a stunned look. "I'm breaking up with you." Then I stormed off to my car and saw her start to cry as I pulled off quickly.

Sabrina: At least give me a reason.

I ignored it. I got home and not after a while I heard Harry knock on my door. 'Niall, let me in." Harry was dating one of Sabrina's friends and was probably sent over here by her. I let him in and we sat. I explained to him everything and told him not to tell Olivia, his girlfriend, because I didn't want Sabrinia to know the truth.

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