*Setting- Britian*
*All the boys are in highschool still*
Anna, a simple girl who hardly gets noticed, goes to school with a boy band, One Direction. They were recently on X-Factor and won. It was hard to get noticed at Livensting Prep, but not hard for the boys. Anna had a crush on Niall. Niall had every class with her, but was dating Sabrina, the biggest bratty prep. Soon things will change.


10. Official


Anna and I had been seeing each other for a month now. The morning after she had told me about what Dresha did, she had her come over and she apologized and told her that she would still be her friend but nothing more. No one beside Dresha and Harry knew about our relationship. I wanted that to change soon. Seeing her all day at school and having to ignore her was hard. I caught myself starring at her a lot. She got more beautiful every day, which seemed impossible, but it was. After school I texted her.

Me: Do you want to go out tonight?

Anna;) : Really? What happened to being a secret for a while?

Me: It has been a while. A month exactly. ;)

Anna: Wow, you remembered. :))

Me: So how about it? I'll pick you up at 7:30?

Anna: Ok. XOXO See you then. ;)

I still hadn't managed to ask her out and make our relationship official. I would change that tonight. We hadn't had sex besides that one night, and that was ok. "Horny Niall" wasn't the main priority around Anna. I had never had feelings for a girl like this before. It was amazing. I wanted to ask her out in a way that she would never forget. I asked the boys to help me. I picked her up at excatly 7:30 and she was wearing a beautiful coral dress that touched the ground. "You look beautiful." "Thanks." I grabbed her arm and opened her door for her like a true gentleman. She got in and I walked to my side of the car and climbed in. We talked in the car as we pulled up to the restaurant. I had choosen an outside bar and it was empty. There were Christmas-like lights hanging everywhere. There was a stage and the curtains were closed. The table had candles on it and a white table cloth. I pulled out her chair for her, as she just looked around in pure amazement. "This is beautiful." she exclaimed. "Isn't it?" A man came out the kitchen as I got done saying it and he was our waitor. He brought wine with him and two glasses. He poured them and said "I will be right back with your appetizers." as he walked off. The night went on and the food was great. The waitor came out one last time with our desserts. Anna said, "Wow, I don't know if I can eat anymore." I laughed and said, "Me either." I ate it anyways and it was delicious. She hardly touched hers. "I need to go to the bathroom." I said. I got up and went to the door, the stage door. The boys were waiting back stage the whole time. When I approached Zayn said, "Ready?" "I think so." We were being as quiet as we could and all had micophones as we walked on the stage.  The curtains opened and I saw Anna quickly turn and look straight at me. The boys that were standing behind me starting singing "You Don't Know Your'e Beautiful" I joined in walking down the stairs off the stage towards her. I took her hand and started to dance with her and had stopped singing. Once the song was over, the boys started humming another song. I got on one knee and pulled out a box. Fright crossed her face. I opened the box to see her sigh with relief as she realized it was just a ring pop. "Will you be my girlfriend?" "Yes!!" She started laughing.

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