*Setting- Britian*
*All the boys are in highschool still*
Anna, a simple girl who hardly gets noticed, goes to school with a boy band, One Direction. They were recently on X-Factor and won. It was hard to get noticed at Livensting Prep, but not hard for the boys. Anna had a crush on Niall. Niall had every class with her, but was dating Sabrina, the biggest bratty prep. Soon things will change.


6. Kiss


I walked up to her noticing she was crying. I helped her up and she got under my umbrella with me. I walked her to my car and she had soon stopped crying. I drove her to her house, the whole car ride was complete silence. I pulled into her driveway and she said "Thanks" without even looking at me. I couldn't help it, she looked so beautiful. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to look at me and with the other hand grabbed her cheek and kissed her. She slipped back. "Sorry." I said quickly. She quickly climbed out of the car. It was still raining, so she ran to the door. She went in and closed the door. I just ducked my head. "Why in the hell did I do that." I screamed. I pulled out of the driveway and drove to my house. The boys were all there, and so was Sabrina. I walked in and suddenly had every eye on me. I was dry because of my umbrella. The last person I wanted to see was Sabrina. I was so confused right now. I just needed to organize my thoughts. I ran straight to my room and slammed the door. No one came to the door; I guess they didn't care. Oh well, I didn't want them to come anyways. Why. Why did I do that? Was it because I felt sorry? No. I think I have feelings for her. She didn't come to school for the rest of the week. One of my teacher's asked, "Can anyone take this work to Anna?" Her friend wasn't in this class and no one responded. "I will." I answered after a few seconds. This was a great chance to get to talk to her. At lunch that day Sabrina asked, "I heard you volunteered to take papers to that nerd I told you not to talk to?" "Yeah I did." "Why?" "Her mother died and she hasn't been at school. I'm just being nice." "Well maybe you should stop worrying about being nice and worrying about your rep." "Well if I need to be so worried about my 'rep' maybe I shouldn't be dating a bitch like you." Everyone was staring now. I didn't realize how much I had raised my voice. "Are you breaking up with me?" She said quietly. I just stormed off. I didn't know what to say.

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