*Setting- Britian*
*All the boys are in highschool still*
Anna, a simple girl who hardly gets noticed, goes to school with a boy band, One Direction. They were recently on X-Factor and won. It was hard to get noticed at Livensting Prep, but not hard for the boys. Anna had a crush on Niall. Niall had every class with her, but was dating Sabrina, the biggest bratty prep. Soon things will change.


11. Caught


"You scared me." I slapped his shoulder. "I could tell!" we laughed. The boys all left. I hadn't gotten close to them yet, but I think that would change. Niall pulled me into him, as we were still up dancing, and kissed me. I kissed back so hard. He put his tounge in my mouth and we kept kissing for who know's how long. I leaned back and said, "My dad is home or I would invite you over." He laughed. "Good thing no one is at my house." He winked. I texted my dad on the way over to his house telling him I was spending the night with Dresha. I told Dresha also, just in case my dad came looking for me. I could hardly contain myself in the car. I knew what was going to happen at his house. In the car ride that lasted about 10 minutes felt like an hour. The whole ride I kissed his neck trying not to distract him from driving but then found my hands rubbing his croch area. He stopped at a stop light and started undoing his belt and pulled out his dick. He was already hard. He kept driving, but pushed my head towards it. I did what he wanted, sticking it my mouth. He came and I swallowed. I kept kissing his neck until we reached his house. He buckled his belt and took my hand and led me to his door. He pulled me in and started to kiss me. I heard someone clear their throat to find it was Niall's mom. I was so embarrased. "Mom!" Niall shouted, "What are you doing home." "Well this is my house, you know?" "I thought you and dad were going to grandma's" "We WERE, but decided to stay home. Who is this?" "Mom, you remember Anna right?" "Oh. Anna. I haven't heard anything of you for a while." She was being very rude. "Mom, can I talk to you in the back? Just take a seat on the couch Anna." I could see Niall waving his hands around and looked like he was screaming. Finally after a few minutes I saw them start to come back in. "Anna, I am terribly sorry about being so rude to you and I'm happy you and Niall are together." "Thank you. It's ok." She walked out of the room. "Come on, I'll take you Dresha's." I got up and he went to tell his mom where he was going. I texted Dresha and she said it was fine if I came over. On the way to house, he made a quick turn. "Where are you taking me!" I laughed. "Shhh...." We pulled into a empty field and he turned off the headlights. I looked at him and said "Here, really?" "Better than nothing." I climbed into the back seat and he followed. I was on top. I pulled off my dress and was just wearing a bra and panties. He leaned up and I took off his shirt. We rolled over and he pulled off his pants and undies. He pulled of my underwearand didn't even bother with the bra. He entered without warning and I moaned hardly and we both kept moaning. I saw a flash outside the window and suddenly flashes everywhere.

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