Godly Magic

Percy Jackson thought his adventures were finished. After winning the Second Titan War over the summer, he was preparing himself for a lot of bordeom. However, when he, Annabeth and Grover get the call to find a powerful half blood and bring them to camp, Percy might be in for his biggest adventure yet.

At Hogwarts, things are just heating up. Harry, Hermione, and Ron are trying to muddle through their six year at Hogwarts, all the while the threat of the Dark Lord grows stronger. But the arrival of a new student might change everything....

NOTE: Characters/events of the Heroes of Olympus series are not included in this fanfiction


2. Wait......Where?

We arrived at Camp Half Blood and I hopped out. Walking around to the back, I gently shook Annabeth awake. Her gray eyes fluttered open and she smiled wanly up at me.
"We're here." I said softly. 
She nodded sleepily and slid out of the car. We walked up Half Blood Hill hand in hand. Passing Thalia's pine tree (long story) I reached out and touched a branch.
"Good to be back?" Annabeth said, grinning.
"You have no idea." I replied.
I broke off into a sprint, running into camp, Annabeth right at my heels. 

We ran into camp and I grinned widely. It was exactly the same as always, kids running back and ofrht, going about their day. Construction of the new cabins was going well. Annabeth and I walked around slowly, just taking it  in for a few minutes. 
"Chiron says that they've had a deluge of new campers since the summer." Annabeth said happily. 
"Since we basically forced the gods to start claiming all their children." I replied.

Our conversation was interuppted by a goat-boy tackling me to the ground.
"P-P- Percy!" Grover bleated excitedly.
"It's so good to see you!"
"Oof! Yeah- it's awesome to see your furry self, man." I mumbled in reply, finding it difficult to breathe since a saytr hoof had kicked me in the gut.
Annabeth took pity on me and hauled Grover up, letting me get my breath back.
I stood up and dusted myself off. 
"Come on, Percy." Annabeth said impatiently.
"Chiron's waiting for us."

We walked to the Big House and found Chiron sitting on the front porch, playing cards with Mr. D (Words of wisdom. If you ever happen to meet this guy, learn how to pinnocle and Pak-Man.) Chiron smiled gently up at us, but Mr. D didn't even acknowledge our presence. Finally, I cleared my throat and he looked up.
"Oh hello, Peter Johnson, Annabell Cate."
I gritted my teeth at this. You'd think after four years and fighting together for a lot of that time, Mr. D would have the common courtesy to get our names right. Well, you thought wrong. 

Annabetsaw my anger and silently took my hand, squeezing it tight. I smiled and Chiron then said,
"It's good to see you again, Percy. You're probably wondering why I've summoned you here, and away from your studies. Though, I doubt you care very much about missing some academics."
I grinned and Annabeth nudged me.
"Percy! School's important!"
"Says the girl who gets straight A's without trying." 
Annabeth blushed and Chiron went on,
"I have a quest for you three."
Grover looked up from the pinocle game Mr. D had forced him to join.
"Q-Quest?" he gulped.
"What kind of quest? Please not the Underworld again."
"No, Grover, not the Underworld."
"Then where?" I asked, my ADHD mind already envisioning battles, danger, and overal terror. It was kind of the criteria with half-blood quests.
"You're being sent to a school to pick up a half-blood." Chiron replied.

I couldn't help but feel disappointed with this. Chiron seemed to be underestimating all of us. He'd us me on a more dangerous quest when we were twelve! Did he think i wasn't able to handle things anymore or something? My disappointment must have shown on my face because Chrion chuckled.
"Don't worry, Percy. This quest will be plenty dangerous, even for you."
Annabeth cut in and said,
"Where is this school, Chiron?"
Our mentor looked at her and said,
"That's the tricky part. It's a place called Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

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