Godly Magic

Percy Jackson thought his adventures were finished. After winning the Second Titan War over the summer, he was preparing himself for a lot of bordeom. However, when he, Annabeth and Grover get the call to find a powerful half blood and bring them to camp, Percy might be in for his biggest adventure yet.

At Hogwarts, things are just heating up. Harry, Hermione, and Ron are trying to muddle through their six year at Hogwarts, all the while the threat of the Dark Lord grows stronger. But the arrival of a new student might change everything....

NOTE: Characters/events of the Heroes of Olympus series are not included in this fanfiction


3. I Am a Happy Camper

I stared at Chiron dumbly, wondering if I'd heard him correctly. I glanced at Annabeth and she looked as stupified as I did for once. I mouthed 
"_Has Chiron been hitting the happy juice or something?_"
Annzbeth elbowed my ribs and took a deep breath, clearly taking this news in her stride.
"Where is this school, Chiron?"
"In Great Britain." he replied. 
"Your flights are booked for tomorrow morning."
Uh-oh. Travelling by air? Not my best form of transportation. Zeus was liable to blast me out of the sky, me being a son of Posideon and all.
"Um- I don't think that's going to work." I said slowly.
"Percy," Annabeth said with a sigh.
"You saved Mount Olympus from destruction two months ago. You are the *Hero of Olympus*. I'm sure you'll be allowed to fly across the Atlantic."
I opened my mouth to retort, but then found that I had no possible comeback. What Annabeth said made perfect sense. You know what? Sometimes it's *really* hard to be dating a daughter of Athena. 

We set to work getting ready for the quest straight after. I walked to my cabin and just laid down in the bunk for a few moments, breathing deeply. It smelled like the ocean; of saly sea air and Montauk cabins. I opened my eyes and stared up at the hippocampi mobiles hanging from the ceiling, carefully crafted by Tyson, my Cyclops half-brother, three summers ago. I jumped up, suddenly energized. 
"Let's get this quest started!" i cried, to myself, running to my chest of drawers and grabbing random clothes. Was it cold in England this time of year?

That evening, I spoke to my mom via Iris-message. She was angry that I hadn't contacted her before this, and upset that I was on another quest.
"But Mom," I said.
"Chiron needs us to do this."
"I understand that, Percy." she said with a sigh.
"But did it have to be you?
I surpressed a smile at this and she spoke again, saying,
"And you're overjoyed it is, aren't you."
My mom didn't wait for a reply, she only smiled fondly at me.
"It doesn't sound very dangerous, I suppose. Just- be safe, okay?"
"When am I not?"
She laughed and then said as she cut off the connection.
"You'd be surprised, Percy. You'd be surprised."

At the campfire that night, Annabeth and I sat next to each other. A few of the newer campers stared at us in awe. I guess we were kinda legends around here, but it still felt strange. The other campers who already knew us just laughed and pointed at the canoe lake.
"Up for a repeat performance, Percy?" one camper teased.
Annabeth and I blushed simulatenously. Over the summer, a bunch of our friends dumped me and Annabeth into the lake. But being a son of the Sea God does have it's perks. You fill in the blanks from there. Anabeth giggled and put her head on my shoulder.
"Just like old times, huh?" she whispered.
"Yeah, except one thing's different."
Annabeth's forehead furrowed and she said cautiously,
"What do you mean?"
"I have the most awesome girl in this planet, mortal or godly, as my actual girlfriend this time around."

*I am a HUGE Percabeth shipper. Expect plenty of romantic moments between these two*
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