Together Forever

A young girl (Amanda) and a young man (Harry Styles) fall in love and cant be separated. They go through different struggles such as hate mail, and crazy fans. But in the end they still are happily in love.


6. The invatation

Harry got up off the couch and grabbed his phone. He had one new text message. It was from Zayn. It was an invitation to the a beach house that they rented for the summer. Amanda was obviously invited and duper happy. Would this be like the house in her dream? Would the day end like it she hoped? She didn't know and didn't care. She grabbed her stuff and ran down down the stairs, she flung out the door and into the jeep that was waiting outside for her. Harry followed soon after. But made Amanda get out of the car.

"What wro..." but before she could say anything Harry picked her up, twirled her around, and kissed her. This was another reason why she loved him. He was spontaneous.

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