Together Forever

A young girl (Amanda) and a young man (Harry Styles) fall in love and cant be separated. They go through different struggles such as hate mail, and crazy fans. But in the end they still are happily in love.


3. Loving forever


"Hey babe can you come here a minute?" called Harry from upstairs.

"Yeah, hold on, I'm trying to do the dishes."

Amanda walked up the stairs and into their bedroom. She found Harry sitting on the foot of the bed.

"What's the matter?"

"Oh nothing, I just wanted to see your face again." And after that he grabbed her waist and pulled her onto the bed with him. He kissed her like never before, holding her waist he pulled her tighter and didn't loosen his grip at all. She didn't care though. She was with her one and only true love and that's all that mattered. Once Harry finally let her go, she looked at him closely.

"What is it love?" asked Harry looking a bit tense.

"Why me?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, their are so many gorgeous people out their, and all of them you chose me. Why?"

"Stop, that was a stupid question. Your the most gorgeous out of all of them and you always will be." and with that, Harry wrapped his arms around Amanda's waist, and slowly leaned in for a kiss. She the fireworks she had always felt before, and she felt a lot better. Harry pulled away again, got up and walked down stairs. Amanda stood up right after and followed harry. Soon enough they were both sitting on the couch, Harry put in a movie. It was Finding Nemo, Amanda's all time favorite.

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