Together Forever

A young girl (Amanda) and a young man (Harry Styles) fall in love and cant be separated. They go through different struggles such as hate mail, and crazy fans. But in the end they still are happily in love.


11. Healing Process

When we got back up to the house, he took me right up the stairs and into our room.

"Love,  what they did to you was wrong, I won't ever let it happen again. I promise."

"It's not your fault. Those boy's were messed up. Harry relax I'm fine really." The door slammed and we heard foot steps running up the stairs towards our room. The boy's all ran in at the same time. They all made a circle around me and Harry.

"Amanda," said Liam, "Are you alright?"

"Guy's I'm alright, my arm hurts but I'll get better."

"Oh come on Amanda, you know that's not true, I saw how they grabbed you." said Niall about to explode with worry.

"Ok guys really, I'm fine. I'm not the person you need to worry about. Where's Zayn?"

"He's downstairs." Said Harry, I didn't even notice he left. I got up and ran down the stairs. Shur enough, Zayn was laying on the couch holding a towel to his nose. 

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