Together Forever

A young girl (Amanda) and a young man (Harry Styles) fall in love and cant be separated. They go through different struggles such as hate mail, and crazy fans. But in the end they still are happily in love.


7. Arriving

When they arrived at the beach house they got out of the car, Amanda gasped and squealed with delight. This was really happening! All of the boys were already in their and in the house, she could tell because the cars parked out front. They walked slowly up to the door, Amanda got nervous and stopped. Harry noticed.

"What is it love?"

"Oh, well I was just thinking that I haven't seen the boy's in a really long time. What if they rethink us?" Harry picked her by the waist.

"Now why would they do that?" And with that he put me down, opened the door, and stepped in.

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