A new life

Star Tomlinson is a your normal 19 year old girl.but there's a down side to this teen her mother died,her dad is a alcoholic. when was 17 she found out Louis was her long lost brother.Will she be able to live the same life again.

read more to find out


2. strange shadows in the moonlight


His shadow was gone he had left I burst in to tears. My arm was in pain. I had no were to go. I was well alone.I stopped crying.I could hear voices. Before I could even blink 5 shadows all in a row apeard before me. i was scared i felt like i was gona faint. I didn't know if it was cos of how much blood was coming out of my arm or what."hey guys is that blood over there???" Said a Irtish guy. I quickly look over my feet "Dang it im fucked" I thought. "lets go check it out" said a Brit guy.   I push my self right in to the corner. I hadn't eaten anything at all i was staving. All of a sudden a smell of food went past me. My tummy growled  " Niall you just had food" said another Brit "Harry that wasn't me".It went quite. someone walked closer and look right at me "AHHH" we said at the same time. "Louis whats wrong" the others said running to him.    i burst in to tears once more.The blond one sat down right in fount of me "hey" he said as he put his hand on my shoulder  " why are you crying??" "Yea whats wrong" the rest said as the sat down around me.I told them all that happened  "and now im here" i said. "Heres some food by the way im Niall and this is Liam Zayn Louis and Harry." Nice to meet you im star" I replied  "Niall must like you if hes giving you his nandos cos he loves nandos" whispered harry.I giggled. Louis looked at my arm and jumps up and yells "holly fuck what the fuck did you do to your arm." I looked down and cried again. Niall picked me up. quietly he said " your coming to stay with me" I smiled and nodded." Im sorry Niall  I said looking at my arm witch still had the knife in it and then looking at his blooded t-shirt." don't worry about it'' he replied  "Lets get you to Niall's to fix you up" said Louis  "If you don't mind can we go to the hospital ??" I quickly questioned "no" said Louis "yes we will Louis the last time you said no I nearly died" argued harry. "OK that's fine" said Louis happily.  
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