A new life

Star Tomlinson is a your normal 19 year old girl.but there's a down side to this teen her mother died,her dad is a alcoholic. when was 17 she found out Louis was her long lost brother.Will she be able to live the same life again.

read more to find out


1. close escape

 My heart's racing. I'm running as fast as I can.My dad is drunk again. Hes been drinking like this since mum died. Except hes not usually this violent.He had a knife this time. He yelled, "come here Star, I'll end your worthless life". I screamed and ran for my life.He somehow managed to stab me in the arm as I ran away. I can still hear him yelling and swearing down the street as I run further away.The further I run the quieter it gets. I stopped running thinking he would of given up. But I heard someone yelling my name I turn around and I see him "Shit" I say to my self. I can see a trail of blood as I Look behind me.I grab my blooded arm hoping the trail would stop as I ran away.

  I came  to a alley way by a corner. Slowly I came to a stop. I check to see if I can see him."Nothing" I sighed in relief. "Star Amathist Light Fire Tomlinson come here I won't hurt you" He's lying I thought. He was getting closer I could hear his voice getting louder. "Yes no blood trail." I whispered  quickly I turned into the alley-way and I crouched down by the dumpster. I could see his shadow on the alley-way ground. he stopped out side the alley-way. I press my body against the cold, brick wall of the Dumpster  My heart stopped for a split second. I heard him mumbled to him self all I was able to hear was "star you got lucky but ill get you next time for sure"  
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