They Don't Know About Us

Chelsea is a good girl she gets straight A's at school and she has never done anything bad in her life. Until she falls for the bad boys at her school Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis tomlinson and Liam Payne. Chelsea gets into a relationship with Zayn and her life turns upside down. Will she turn into a bad girl or stay as the good girl she is.


12. Working together

Bella's POV 

Something was up with Chelsea she seemed broken hearted about something or someone except the weird thing was Zayn had been the same he had changed too not his usual annoying self. So I consulted Harry. "Ok I don't know what's up but ever since 2 weeks ago Chelsea and Zayn have been acting weird" I explained to Harry "yeah I know you don't think that....." Harry said I knew we were thinking the same thing Zayn and Chelsea were together and now they weren't. " I have a plan" Harry smiled I nodded. 

Chelsea's POV 

Bella rocked up at my house unexpectedly and told me I had a blind date "bells I just want to go to sleep" I whined "nuh uh" Bella said throwing a dress on my bed it was the exact dress I had worn the night I met up with Zayn. I shook my head "no this dress will be perfect" Bella said. 

Zayn's POV 

So Harry turned up to my house and said I had a blind date knowing Harry it was probably some dumb blonde he could hook up with if things didn't work out between me and her. Harry threw out the exact clothes I had worn that time I  met Chelsea. I shook my head "yeah definitely these" Harry smiled sounding the slightest bit gay.  

No ones POV 

Bella took Chelsea to a big fancy restaurant and told her that was where her date was. Harry drove Zayn to the exact same restaurant and told him that his date was there. Chelsea sat at the table and Zayn walked up to her "I should have known" Chelsea said under her breath "they set us up" Zayn grumbled "we must get them back" Chelsea giggled evilly. "Zayn I can't believe you" Chelsea yelled getting up her and Zayn had come up with a plan because they had seen Bella and Harry sitting in a corner spying on them. "no this is your fault" Zayn shouted Bella whipped her head around she freaked out what had they done. Chelsea got up and ran out the restaurant Zayn got up and left. Chelsea sat on the side off the road "you'll ruin your dress sitting on the ground" Zayn smiled "I don't care alright I don't like you I never really did I just wanted to be popular but then you didn't want tell anyone so it failed so I can't do this" Chelsea cried "look Chelsea I know I didn't really like you at the beginning but I never thought I'd be saying this but I love you" Zayn said sadly "I don't love you Zayn I'm sorry" Chelsea sobbed and she ran off. Zayn was crushed he'd fallen in love with someone he was never going to get as usual. He screamed why was life so unfair. 
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