They Don't Know About Us

Chelsea is a good girl she gets straight A's at school and she has never done anything bad in her life. Until she falls for the bad boys at her school Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis tomlinson and Liam Payne. Chelsea gets into a relationship with Zayn and her life turns upside down. Will she turn into a bad girl or stay as the good girl she is.


10. Over

Zayn's POV 

Chelsea had asked me over to her house she said she had something important to tell me it was probably something to do with an exam or school stuff knowing her. I knocked on her front door Chelsea answered "hey come in" she smiled. Her house smelled like choc chip cookies I loved choc chip cookies. "Zayn I have to tell you something" Chelsea sighed "it's just I can't do this anymore" she said and her eyes filled with tears "can't do what?" I asked "be with you I know it was forced and everything but I really thought we had something but you obviously care about your social life more and I don't want you to have to choose so yeah um we can't be together" she cried her cheeks had tears streaming down them my heart broke sure I hated her sorta at the beginning but I'd fallen for her "no I'm sorry I can change no don't end it" I said my own eyes filling with tears she turned and ran up the stairs and I could do nothing I just left and drove home. 
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