They Don't Know About Us

Chelsea is a good girl she gets straight A's at school and she has never done anything bad in her life. Until she falls for the bad boys at her school Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis tomlinson and Liam Payne. Chelsea gets into a relationship with Zayn and her life turns upside down. Will she turn into a bad girl or stay as the good girl she is.


9. Heartbreaker

Chelsea's POV 

The bell rang and we headed off to class it just so happened we had history next and it was the only class  where it was just me and Zayn. Our teacher told us that we were getting an assignment and it was in pairs "Zayn and Chelsea" miss Drew said "oh come on do I have to be with her" Zayn practically yelled and he looked pretty serious that practically broke my heart I thought we had something but obviously not. 

No ones POV 

This went on for weeks Zayn saying stuff that hurt Chelsea. But the sad thing was even though their relationship was starting to mean nothing to her he was falling in love with her but still he broke her heart over and over just to stay popular. 
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