Nobody Compares

A 17 year old named Shaina lived in a small town in New Jersey. Her mother died when she was 15 and her dad has an addiction to alcohol. He rarely ever came home and when he did he was drunk, which means she lives alone most of the time. She only has four best friends, Hannah, Madison, Lauren, and Emily. She tried out for a radio contest and you would win a trip to the UK for 1 week, and you would also get to bring 4 friends which was perfect for Shaina. find out what else happens when you read the story:)


4. Together

Niall's P.O.V.

I'm so happy we feel the same way about eachother. She was perfect. I'm gonna ask her out later, i have a plan. all the boys were happy to, i think we all go together VERY well. Shaina was holding my arm, i kissed her head. we just continued sitting the pool talking about ourselves. then we got out and dried off.

Shaina's P.O.V.

i was holding the towel around me, Niall comes up with the towel around his shoulders and started rubbing the towel on my arms. This didn't feel real, it felt like a dream. everyone was kind of paired up with eachother, we were so happy to finally have someone again. we all got a shower and got dressed i put on my point pleasent sweats, with a striped tight long sleeve top and scarf, it was still winter. Niall put his clothes back on and so did everyone else.

Harry started the fire, then we all sa next eachother on the 2 couches and 2 chairs. Niall sat on a chair so i sat on his lap. everyone just seemed so happy. Niall was holding on to me and i was holding his hands.

"oh honey get up a seconed, ill be right back." "okay," i said Niall came back with a guitar. "let us play a song for you girls." "awe your so sweet, okay." "ready boys?" niall asked they all nodded. he started playing Little Things, i was about to cry. Niall sang into my eyes, that when i started to cry. at the end of the song niall kissed me, i got a chill, "that was so sweet thank you baby." i said with a smile we just cuddled the rest of the night.

"you look tired babe why don't we head out?" niall asked me. "no, no you guys should stay the night it's already 11:30." "okay." Niall carried me up to one of the guest rooms, "baby can you stay here with me?" i asked half a sleep my eyes still closed. "yeah of course." we all fell asleep with eachother, it felt so nice.

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