Nobody Compares

A 17 year old named Shaina lived in a small town in New Jersey. Her mother died when she was 15 and her dad has an addiction to alcohol. He rarely ever came home and when he did he was drunk, which means she lives alone most of the time. She only has four best friends, Hannah, Madison, Lauren, and Emily. She tried out for a radio contest and you would win a trip to the UK for 1 week, and you would also get to bring 4 friends which was perfect for Shaina. find out what else happens when you read the story:)


8. She's Not Afraid

Shaina's P.O.V.

When we got back to my Uncle Tommy's house i jumped out of the car, still wrapped in Nialls arms. We walked in and everything was quite, i'm guessing everyone was out and about. We all got in and went upstais. We got changed into our bathing suits and headed for the hot tub. i wore my floral print bikini, Niall just wore the same trunks as last time since he didn't bring any clothes, Hannah wore a neon orange bikini, and Harry also had to wear the same trunks as last time.

"So i heard you guys are dating," Harry said with a cheeky smile. "Who isn't in this house?" We all laughed. "i know, i know, Everyone is, haha" Harry laughed. Niall put his arm over my sholder, i felt so safe. we just talked for so long like we did over dinner and yogurt. We all had a lot in common, it was so funny. Soon we got tired and headed upstairs to get dressed and ready to watch a movie. I just put on my sweats and a tight tank top with sweatshirt over to keep warm. Niall borrowed some of my uncle's sweats and a tee, same with harry. Hannah kinda wore the same thing as me.

Niall's P.O.V.

We all headed downstair to the sofa's to snuggle up. Shaina brought down two blankets, one for us and one for Hannah and Haz. I walked over to the kitchen and made two bowls of buttery popcorn. A great mid-night snack. I made my way to the couches and sat right next to Shaina. She wrapped the blankets around us and i held the popcorn on my lap and one arm around Shaina. we turned on the teli to what looked like the news. I was shocked, all of our jaws dropped. there was a picture of Shaina, Hannah, Harry, and I. It was on our date a few hours ago. i guess everyone knows now, it wasn't that big of a deal, we just didnt know anyone was watching us. "Oh well, now everyone knows that we are taken." Harry says with a smile then kisses hannah. "Ya but do you know how much hate the girls will get because of us?" I said really concerned. "Oh its fine, its not your fault anyway, it's no one's fault." Shaina said, she's so confedent, hot. I smiled. "And the hate we do get, even Lauren, Em, and Madison, we all know it's probably just jealosy." we laughed, "Deffinatley! Don't believe anything you guys get from anyone on twitter or anywhere. Haters will be Haters."

We continued and skipped through the channels, we went to the on demand channel to pick out a movie, we rented Scream 2. Minutes later all of our phones started buzzing like crazy.

Shaina's P.O.V.

All of our iphones started going crazy from twitter. "Oh my god," i said looking straight at my phone then to Niall, Hannah, and Harry. "Everyone's following me, and i do have some bad tweets." "Don't read them they're just shit." Niall said kissing me on my forhead, he's to cute. "i know," i smiled and pecked him on the lips. "Same here everyone's following me, and sending hate." Hannah added. "Like Niall said, don't listen baby." Harry kissed Hannah on her cheek, "Our fans are so great, they are saying we are all so cute, and they respect our decision, They already made ship names for us, ours is Shiall, cute. And you guys have Hanry, but then from other people are saying bad stuff to, but not gonna read any."

we all turned our phone's notification's off so our phones weren't buzzing anymore. We continued and watched the movie. I was so scared, i dug my head in to Niall's sholder, and he held me even tighter and kissed the top of my head, "it's okay baby, i got you." Niall whispered in my ear, i smiled a little knowing he was there for me, and he made me feel so safe, it was unbelievable.

"we are gonna head upstairs," Harry showed a cheeky smile. "alright night babes." i smiled, got up and hugged them each, so did Niall. we turned the news on to see if there was anything else about us or our friends. The news was done so we went and put on Fantasy Factory.Then, Catfish came on, two of my favorite shows.

I caught Niall staring at me, "what?" i asked with a smile, kinda insecure. "your so perfect shaina." i blushed. i looked up in to his eyes, he was leaning against the arm of the couch. I put my hand on his sholder and went in for a kiss. he put his hands on my hips and leaned more in on the kiss. As soon as our lips touched i felt electricity. I asked before entering, and he accepted, entering mine. I was now sitting on top of his legs. my hands around his neck. i smiled through our kiss. "i think we should take this upstairs" Niall said with a smile.

I jumped on his back and we ran upstairs. my hands around his sholder's, i whispered something dirty in his hear. i heard him smile, i started nibbling on his ear. when we got at the top of the stairs we heard hannah moan, we started cracking up as he let me down i ran in to the room, he shut the door behind him. I dragged him over to the bed and pushed him down so i was on top of him. his hands finally found away up my shirt, he took it of so i was only in my black laced bra. i then took off his shirt. i felt his warm chest on mine. i dragged my hand down his abs and felt them, he was in such good shape. our lips still attached. he then dragged down my sweats and i did the same to his. I was now just in my bra and undies, and him just in his boxers. I can really see his hard, sexy. My nails were practically digging in to his back. "Niall!" I moaned his name. "i love you baby!" niall said while our forheads touching, then he pecked my on the lips. "i love you to!" i whispered. Then we started making out again but this time way more serious. He unlatched my bra and flung ut on the floor, then my undies. "Shaina, your beautiful." He said with a smile. Then, we flipped so he was on top. I then started dragging down his boxers, "So are you" i showed a cheeky smile. "ready?" niall asked. "of course baby." Niall started to go in, getting farther and farther down inside of me. Soon he hit my g-spot. "Oh Niall," i moaned loudly. "oh my god Shaina your great." i smiled. as he was inside of me, he got harder and harder, yumm. i started to bite his neck. About ten minutes later, he took himself out of me and layed next to me. i could hear him breathing heavy.

Nialls P.O.V.

I layed next to Shaina, i could hear her breathing heavy, in pleasure. "Your amazing Shaina, i love you so much, its kinda insane." i smiled, brushing the hair out of her face. "i love you to niall, so much." She pecked me on the lips, and soon enough we fell asleep in eachothers arms.

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