Nobody Compares

A 17 year old named Shaina lived in a small town in New Jersey. Her mother died when she was 15 and her dad has an addiction to alcohol. He rarely ever came home and when he did he was drunk, which means she lives alone most of the time. She only has four best friends, Hannah, Madison, Lauren, and Emily. She tried out for a radio contest and you would win a trip to the UK for 1 week, and you would also get to bring 4 friends which was perfect for Shaina. find out what else happens when you read the story:)


7. Date Night

Shaina's P.O.V.

'That was great' i thought to myself while messing around with Niall's hair. "Let's go downstairs babe, everybody is probably wondering where we are." he said getting the hair out of my face. "Alright," we got dressed then headed downstairs, everybody was talking and having a laugh, their smiles were so strong, and so real. "Hey there mate," Liam said with a smile. "Hey!" Niall replied. "Where have you guys been?" Lauren asked while raising her eyebrows and showed a cheeky smile. "oh we were just having a..." "TALK!" Niall said with a smile. "Ya, right." Zayn laughed, so did everyone else.

We went and sat by everyone on the couch. "I'm gonna take Hannah out tonight would you guys like to join us?" Harry asked Niall and I. "um ya that would be fun, what time should we be ready to go?" I asked. "umm maybe 6:00? is that alright?" "Yeah that's perfect." i answered back right away. "Alright then, see ya in a little." Harry said with a smile grabbing hannah by her arm.

I ran to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water, "babe do you want one?" i asked Niall. "Yeah babe, thanks." He smiled, and i smiled back. "Come on i wanna show you something!" i grabbed Niall by the hand and walked down stairs. "Close your eyes." i told Niall "Alright," he laughed. "Okay...OPEN!" i said. it was a recording studio my uncle had finished recently. "wow, the boys would love this!" i laughed, "yeah i know hahaha," he smiled and ran over to the keyboard thingy. "here babe, i wanna sing a song!" i told him, handing the waterbottle over. I sprinted to the microphone and but the headset on. I started to sing Heart Attack an Original by the boys. He smiled "your really good!" "haha Thanks." i blushed a little. I didn't really think i was that good, but i knew i had to be since Niall said I was. I put the headset on the stand and walked over to Niall. He stood up, wrapped his arms around my waist, and pecked me on the lips. I smiled and grabbed his hand, i pulled him upstairs and we went to sit with everyone again.


***5:00pm later that night***


Niall's P.O.V.

I had just stopped home to get Harry and I clothes for tonight, then i had a shower, and now Shaina was in there. We were going on a double-date with Hannah and Harry, i was very excited. I put on a grayish-blue t-shirt with a red hoodie, and dark gray skinny jeans with my white hightops. Harry had wore a white t-shirt, dark gray skinny jeans, and his white converse. Hannah wore a gray and black shirt with skinny jeans and boots.

Shaina had just gotten out of the shower, i went over to close the bedroom door, then i just sat on the bed. She dropped her towel and i just stared down her body, she was beautiful. "What?" Shaina asked. "oh nothing, your just...Beuatiful." I truthfully said, she blushed and went over to her suitcase on the dresser. i watched as she got out her clothes and put them on. She had on a white lace top, light brown leather jacket, skinny jeans, and boots. She also had her light brown hair in a fishtail braid, she looked fantastic. "ready to go?" she asked. "yeah lets go," i smiled, grabbed her hand, and headed out the door towards Harry and Hannah. "Ready?" Hannah asked "Yup,"  smiled. Harry drove with Hannah in the passenger seat and me and Shaina in the back seats. We got to snuggle up close, and keep warm since it was winter, and freezing cold.

Shaina's P.O.V.

We arrived at a place that seemed to be Dave and Busters, yesss! Harry parked the car and we walked inside, it was so loud and colorful. I loved it! We payed to get a card to play the games. We played for hours, ate, and drank. We left dave and busters at like 10:30pm and headed to Blueberry's, a near by frozen yogurt place. We filled our cups up with sugar and sat to talk for another hour or so. We hopped back in the car and now headed back to my Uncle Tommy's house.


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