Nobody Compares

A 17 year old named Shaina lived in a small town in New Jersey. Her mother died when she was 15 and her dad has an addiction to alcohol. He rarely ever came home and when he did he was drunk, which means she lives alone most of the time. She only has four best friends, Hannah, Madison, Lauren, and Emily. She tried out for a radio contest and you would win a trip to the UK for 1 week, and you would also get to bring 4 friends which was perfect for Shaina. find out what else happens when you read the story:)


6. Breakfast Time

Shaina P.O.V.

We walked hand in hand to the island in the middle of the kitchen. Niall went over to the refridgerator and took the bacon and eggs out, he turned around and smiled holding each object in a hand. I laughed and smiled back he went over to the stove, put a pan on, and turned it on, i followed him. When the pan was heated enough i cracked an egg and splated it on the pan.

As i was scrambling them up i felt two warm arms wrap around my waist and hot breath on my neck. Niall kissed my neck, and i moaned a little trying not to be so loud. I smiled and put the spatula down on the counter, then turned around. i put my hands around his neck and we just started making out. He lifted me up and put me on the island, his hands tight around my waist. I heard a sizzling sound and jumped off the island and ran to the pan, the eggs burnt. "hahaha oopsies." Niall laughed he was so adorable. I turned the oven off and pushed him against the island just smling. I leaned over him with just our noses touching now. We were just laying across eachother looking eachother in the eyes, not saying a word. "Woah sorry there mate, just wanted to make some breakfast for me and Em." Louis said with Emily holding on to his arm, they were really hitting off, their so cute! We broke apart and were just staring at them, "oh um its fine," Niall took my hand and we ran upstairs. We almost bumped into Harry and Hannah we were going so fast, just to get away from the awkwardness.

Hannah's P.O.V.

Shaina and Niall were running really fast up the stairs, i wondered what was happening. Me and Harry walked downstairs together to find Louis and Em just laughing together. The kitchen was a mess, they've been throwing pancake mix, that looked like hours now. It was all over the walls and just everywhere.

Nialls P.O.V.

I grabbed Shaina and ran upstairs into the bedroom. I locked the door and she sat on the bed patiently waiting for me. I ran towards her and I was now lying on top of her, we just stared at each other for a few seconds, then she showed a cheeky smile and started rubbing softly on my hip. I really had a boner now. She certainly turned me on. She rapped her hands around my neck to bring me down, our foreheads touched, and seconds later I felt a pair of warm lips touch mine, I got chills. Sooner or later we were laying under the covers naked, I could hear her breathing heavy. She laid on top of me messing around with my hair, I loved that. "Sex hairs official" she smiles. "Haha yeah! Good sex hair though." I winked, we both laughed.

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