Nobody Compares

A 17 year old named Shaina lived in a small town in New Jersey. Her mother died when she was 15 and her dad has an addiction to alcohol. He rarely ever came home and when he did he was drunk, which means she lives alone most of the time. She only has four best friends, Hannah, Madison, Lauren, and Emily. She tried out for a radio contest and you would win a trip to the UK for 1 week, and you would also get to bring 4 friends which was perfect for Shaina. find out what else happens when you read the story:)


2. a BIG suprise

Shaina's P.O.V.

we all got our luggage out of the back of my uncles car and headed for the door. Everyone was still in shock from seeing his house, it was huge and had everything. "shaina?" my uncle called out. "yes uncle tommy?" i screamed back. "let me show you your rooms!" "okay" i said with excitement. we all followed my uncle up the spiraled steps. there was what looked like 13 rooms, and we all screamed and ran for one, next to eachother. "thank you uncle tommy," everyone shouted "we love them." my friends knew uncle tommy for when he came down to my house for the funneral. we were all very close. "i have one suprise for you though," y uncle said with a smile "i'm not going to be here for a few weeks, i have to go see my sister, she hasn;t been feeling well, but you guys have this place to your selves till then" i ran out and squeezed him, i was so happy. he took his luggage from his room and strolled downstairs, "you can use anythig and have everything you'd like." "thanks so much uncle tommy, i love you." everyone said their thanks and gave uncle tom a hug. "no problem, and also there will be a few young boys coming to get a paper to sign, i hope you dont mind." "oh no its fine but who are they?" i asked in concern. "you'll see, you will probably like them, sweet, sweet buys." he said with a smile, i can't think of who it would be. "okay well thank you uncle tommy ill call you later love you bye." everyone shouted. I forgot my uncle was a music producer, he even had a litle recording studio in his house.

**2 hours later**

we were getting used to the place and was having fun swimming in the pool, we all wore bikinis, it was so funny. the door bell rang an hour after we gt in the pool. i got out with a towel around my waiste and opened the door. "hello, you must be shaina?" i heard a familiar voise, i looked up. "umm yes and are you....." i couldn't finish my words, i looked up and saw 5 young boys who i knew, one direction. my eyes got all teary and my mouth was in a perfect 'O' shape. all the girls came running to see who it was, the boys just had a smile on their face and stared down our bodies. "i see you have been swimming," nial said to me "umm yaa, my uncle left and he said we can do anything we wanted so we hopped in the pool. you guys can come in, its very chilly outside." it was the middle of winter and their noses were all red, i just wanted to sit by the fire warming the up, i was in love with them. "thanks love," liam said rubbing his arms. "you guys look like your having a lot of fun, we just came by to get the paper," harry said with a frown. "you guys can stay, i mean my uncle doesn't have to know?" i asked "thats so nice shaina, boys what do you say?" louis said. "well i can't say no to that face," niall said with a smirk. i was doing my puppy dog face. "ya why don't you guys stay?" all the girls said. "ya why not?" harry said. everyone agreed with niall and harry, and stayed.


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