Saved By A Mermaid - Larry Stylinson AU

Harry refused to call it luck. No, it was something much more, something better. It was Louis.

What adventures would you have if you we're Saved by a Mermaid?


2. The Below


I don't know where this is going but ehhh ;)

Gobsmacked Harry was a funny Harry Louis decided. Stuttering of the beginning of words but never finishing them, and when he failed his mouth still stayed open in wonder. "Yes Harry, I'm a merman you can say it" Louis explained calmly. "I-I just.. Woah I mean, you have the-the tale a-and everything it's just.. Wow a mermaid saved me" "Merman" "Huh?" Harry honestly couldn't see the difference, the guy had a tail, who needs the technical term? "Mermaids are female, I am not female so don't call me one" Louis said ending with a pout. Harry couldn't hold back he 'aww' that escaped his lips. Louis was too cute. A smile set over Harry's features as he felt himself go under the boys charm.

"Harry, I need to go now" Louis saw Harry's smiles drift downwards and felt his insides churn, Harry was so beautiful when he smiled he didn't want to be he reason why he wasnt. "Oh okay, I.. Um will I see you again?" "Of course Harry, I don't think I could stay away from you if I tried, come back to the pier tomorrow, I'll find you" Louis gently pushed Harry's wet fringe off his face and slowly lowered his hand to Harry's neck. Breathlessly Harry nodded his head and leant into Louis hand. A quick smile from Louis and he suddenly turned and was splashing off into the sea. Harry felt somewhat empty as he couldn't see Louis anymore, which was stupid because he's only just met him. Getting up and starting to head home harry couldn't help wondering what Louis life was like and how things are as a mermaid.. Man.

Harry was gorgeous, beautiful, sweet, perfection. Louis had never seen a human look so extraordinary. He swam though the sea at rapid speed, his tale allowing him to swim fast but neatly. Louis found his home within no time at all. Swimming closer and closer to the surroundings he was so used to. The below was as tranquil and elegant as one would assume, one giant complex of sturdy pillars, white marble and as magically enchanted as an enchantress herself. The grand building was so out of place with he murkiness and dirt of the sea but it made it that much better. Louis noticed the apparent arrival of Barron Kingsley, a merman he despised. He was mean, cruel and damn ugly. He knew going any closer the Barron would request Louis joins him and Louis couldn't let that horrible seaweed puke looking mer-thing ruin his mood. Seeing the back entrance be opened Louis sped towards the gate and laughed as the mermaid was flung back from his current speed. Yelling sorry, Louis kept swimming passing various mer folk and apologising recklessly.

"Louis, where the hell have you been?" Louis turned and looked up at his father. His slightly greying hair flowing, his purple tail ridged as his father tried not to storm across at him. The irritated look from his father was one he received often, his pranks and jokes apparently did nothing for his fathers sense of humour. Which was very limited at that.

"I met someone dad, I saved him" "Louis what have I told you?" "Not to interact with humans, but.." "No buts" his Father interrupted "I've told you time and time again, why must you always disobey me louis?" "I'm sorry, well, I'm sorry I disobey you often but I am not sorry for saving Harry or will I ever be" Louis face was stern as he tried to have his say, his mother had entered midway and was watching her boys. "Harry is it, what's so special about this land walker?" "Everything "Surely not everything" "No, he's my. He's my everything" Louis fathers face relaxed but not in a good way, oh no, he realised and understood the way Louis looked when thinking of this boy, but this simply could not happen. "Louis! Tell me you did not give your essence to this boy" "...I-I" "Tell me my son, the prince of the below, did not attach his innermost self with some grubby, dirt, leg walking scum!" "HE'S MINE FATHER"


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