Saved By A Mermaid - Larry Stylinson AU

Harry refused to call it luck. No, it was something much more, something better. It was Louis.

What adventures would you have if you we're Saved by a Mermaid?


3. Louis, Louis, Louis

When Harry got home his mother screamed at him. He was hit with the reality of the situation. She screamed about his lateness, his attitude and most of all how he was dripping water all over her carpet.

"How on earth are you this soaked through? It's not even raining, your terrified of the sea. Oh my god it was Lenny wasn't it, that bullying bastard cornered you with a hose or some wet thing, you wait till I phone his mother" Harry watched as his mother was rumbling on and dialling the number to phone lenny's mother. Without stopping her Harry trotted upstairs dazed. Stripping off his wet clothes in the bathroom he tried to understand how on earth he forgot his fear of water?

* when Harry was six he nearly drowned. With his house right next to he beach and he liked to spend most of his time in he sand. Although he was familiar with the beach, when he went into the sea one day he never countered the sudden storm that spread over the sky in mere seconds. Lost in the drama of it all Harry didn't notice how he current had pulled him in deeper. It didn't take long for Harry to panic, thunder boomed and lightning flashed and it all added to Harry's hysteria. As he started to get yanked under he kicked his legs ferociously, his arms fought against the water surrounding him. A giant wave crashed over Harry. Time passed before he knew it, he was pulled deeper into darkness.*

Lenny was not a happy-chappy. He figured that out as lenny's foot flung out and his face smacked the ground. So unless Lenny thought the ground needed a hug from Harry, he imagined he wasn't happy.

"The hell'd you tell my mother styles!?I'm grounded and got an hours yelling at because of you!"

"It was a misunderstanding, I promise"

"Shut up styles. Get me ungrounded or your face will be meeting a lot more than the snow" With that Lenny left heading to his mates. Harry groaned before lifting himself up off the floor. After quickly checking his face he went to meet Liam. Trying to think of things He wanted to talk about with Liam was hard. Avoiding the ''meeting a mermaid" topic was killing him. All he wanted to talk about was Louis, Louis and Louis, Liam wanted to talk about maths, Niall falling down the stairs and lunch. 3 hours and 24 minutes till Harry could see louis again. Just 3 hours Harry kept repeating to himself.

He wished he could say time flew by or it went as a normal day, but no. No today had to drag by painfully. When the bell rang home time Harry could have burst out into a chorus of praise . Running out of the room, dodging other students, bursting through the doors, pushing past pedestrians and arriving on the old wood of the pier breathless; Harry laid down his bag, plonked himself down and smiled as Louis swam closer.

"Hey there pretty boy" Louis placed his wet hands on Harry's knees and grinned up a him.

"Hey Lou" Harry replied still blushing at Louis greeting. After a few minutes of smiling at each other Louis asked Harry how his day was.

"Eh, it was ok. Much better now though" Louis' grin widens
" how so?"

"You know... I'm with you" Harry added, looking down at his lap. Louis could feel himself beam at Harry.

"I love being with you too Harry! Since we met all I've been thinking about is seeing your beauty again, I feel as though my minds image doesn't do you justice. I want you to come everywhere I go and be by my side every second, I'm so excited! When will I get to show you my home? Soon? Oh, let it be soon" Louis splashed Harry repeatedly without meaning to, conveying he realness of his excitement.

" lou, I'd like to spend every second with you too, you.. You make my life seem brighter" Harry chuckled " don't you live under the sea somewhere? I'm sorry Lou, I'm not like you I can stay under water that long and well, if I tried the waters too unpredictable" Louis face displayed confusion before a bemused smirk appeared on his face.

"Harry, you don't have to worry. You can be like me you just have to want to. We connected when I saved you, wih a little soul nudge from me and willingness from you the. Your beauty will radiate the sea, and as for he water. I saved you once, and I will always protect you from anything. If you trust me?"

Reaching out his hand as he slightly shook in the water, Harry looked at Louis golden skin and gentle features as Louis words sunk in. With Louis in the water the sea didn't look to frightening to Harry, it looked enticing. Squinting at the sun in his eyes and shaking his curls out of his face, Harry slowly placed his hand in louis and smiled like he won a marathon.

"I have to be back before tea time though" Harry added with humour and truth. He didn't want his mum to worry. Holding Harry's hand for a small amount of time, heroising in his trust Louis started to pull the connection. Leaning up and placing his hand on Harry's neck he felt their connection pulse and warm up, looking deep into Harry's golden green eyes, Louis felt he signal he needed. Harry's want. Gently placing his lips on Harry's he felt the finality and knew that Harry was now able to join him, the feeling bubbled deep inside him and he smiled into the kiss.
Harry had never felt so warm and enchanted than when Louis lips caressed his. He felt louis Releasing his lips and a smile was obvious on his features.

"What now? I grow gills? A tail?" Harry wondered out loud looking down at his body.

"A tail? yes, gills? I hope not, it won't happen till your emerged in the water so what do you say? Swim with me?" With a happy yes, Harry breathed deeply, felt the wind in his hair and jumped into Louis outstretched arms.


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