Saved By A Mermaid - Larry Stylinson AU

Harry refused to call it luck. No, it was something much more, something better. It was Louis.

What adventures would you have if you we're Saved by a Mermaid?


7. Keep it Just In Case

So I've been spending most of my time writing on a one shot i'm trying to finish, so this is a short but sweet chapter. The next one will be better! Promise!


Chapter Text

Zayn seemed to fit in well, adding his own opinions, making jokes but mostly he listened. He just seemed to fit in.
We ended up at Liam's dad’s restaurant, “The Hollow" it's the town’s main business and is very local. Sitting in a booth in the back Harry and Niall were studying the menus. Liam had already chosen and Zayn hadn't said anything. After deciding on a cheeseburger I handed the menu to Zayn who hesitantly clasped it in his hands, instead of going over the words he kept glancing from it to me with a slight pout.

"Zayn? Wha-" He stopped the sentence when the waitress Kirstin came over.

"Hey guys, what can I get for you?" She said, tapping her pen against the small pad of paper.

"I'll have macaroni cheese with a coke, please?" Liam spoke with a pleasant smile.

"I'll have the steak medium rare with a large glass of sprite" Niall ordered the steak quite frequently, best thing he's ever tasted he tells us beaming.

Looking over to Zayn who gave a clueless look over to him, Harry took that as a hint to order for him as well. "Uhm me and Zayn would like a two cheeseburgers please, with two cokes"

Kirstin nodded, writing down the order before walking away to tell the chef Joe.

Zayn seemed grateful and sent a smile Harry’s way. He smiled back and tried to stop the questions running his my mind.

"Steak steak I love steak" Niall muttered under his breath as silence seemed to surround us.

The food arrived in no time at all. As Zayn received his burger he seemed dumbfounded. He started poking at the bun, lifting parts curiously. His face scrunched up as he saw the melted cheese try to stay attached to the burger as well as the bun, watched as the cheese stretched and thinned.

Slapping his hand off the burger Harry gave him a pointed look lifting burger to to his own mouth, with slightly exaggerated movements Harry took a big bite out of his burger and nodded his head to signal for Zayn to try.

Zayn lifted his burger in front of his face before hesitantly lifting it to his face, taking a bite Zayn’s expression stayed curious. Harry's was similar. Confused that Zayn was so unknowing about eating a burger and showing in his facial expression just how much he ended up liking it.

Zayn didn't seem to slow down once he realized he liked the burger. All three boys looked at him in wonder and all were slightly amused.

"Slow down mate, you'd think this was yer first burger or summat!" Niall chuckled out with a wide grin.

Zayn just gave a massive grin in return before chewing more of his burger. As they chatted during the meal Harry thought about how... Nice this was. To sit among friends and just laugh about anything. It was a pleasant distraction from his broken state. The day has been great... But Harry knew it would have been spectacular if Louis was there as well.


It's windy. Very very windy. Harry's window keeps screeching like a banshee. The trees swing back and forth. The light seeping through the closed curtains causes Harry's eyes to adjust slightly. Living by the beach isn't all it made out to be.

Harry lay there for hours, the wind staying strong. He expected his window to shatter at any second. Unable to fall back asleep Harry let his mind wander. He thought of the party Niall was having tomorrow and what he expected to happen. Niall would be the party animal, keeping the fun alive. Liam would start of in the couch, but the more he drinks the more he lets his guard down. Zayn... Harry didn't even know of Zayn was going

When his mind wandered to where it wanted to be Harry was already in he midst of falling asleep, it was easier for him to let go all the improbability's and let anything happen.

He was in the ocean. He didn't have a tail like before. He was wearing a plain shirt and jeans. As he saw slightly forward he expected the jeans to rub his legs, irritating the skin but they felt like silk. Spinning around he noticed a bright light emerging in front of him, seeing no other way he saw towards it. Getting closer and closer the light merged into a glowing blue, spreading more and more until Harry reached out his arm; then suddenly there was no light, he was the in the ocean, but he wasn't home either.

The room was simple, no decorations apart for furniture. Hesitantly he stood up, walking the length of the room to the window. Outside, stood Louis. A black top and dark jeans was all he wore. No shoes, no jumper. Harry ran. Ran down the stairs that he had never seen and straight out the open door to the man he loved most. Reaching him and slowly placing his hand on his shoulder, Louis looked Harry in the eyes before releasing and beaming smile. Harry was pulled into his arms, he felt Louis warmth all over him, his presence surrounding him and the security Louis provided. Within that embrace Harry felt complete.

But that was just a dream. Just something Harry's heart wished for.

Sorry for any spelling/Grammar mistakes, for the wait and the shortness. Things should pick up.. by the next chapter actually :D

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