Saved By A Mermaid - Larry Stylinson AU

Harry refused to call it luck. No, it was something much more, something better. It was Louis.

What adventures would you have if you we're Saved by a Mermaid?


6. If You Ever Come Back

Know its short, But its something? :)



Today marks a week since Harry saw Louis. Every day after school he'd rush down to the pier and wait. Throwing whatever rocks and pebbles he found at the beach and belting out any song that felt like, though, the belting turned into humming since that time he burst into a verse from 'If You Ever Come Back' by The Script and got a scolded from the old couple who happened to be walking past him.

As the days pasted,Harry's hope dwindled and so did the hours he spent waiting. He was not giving up on Louis; but every time he was at the beach and Louis wasn't he felt like his heart was losing more and more pieces.

Harry had been sitting on the cold sand for an hour, listening to his iPod and staring out towards the sea.

He reflection of the ocean in his eyes, one arm folded across his crossed legs as he used the other to lean his head on. His nose reddened and sore from sniffling.

As if on sync, his Ipod shuffled onto 'Rock You Like a Hurricane', Harry's eyes shot up as a purple light seemed to encase the waves, spreading out more and more till the entire of Harry's vision could only find a darkened purple shade. the sound of the wind hurling itself wildly, the sky seemed to darken. Harry's head shot up, eyes never stopping from assessing the vast waves, both arms at his sides, hands digging into the sand. Within seconds the purple had died down slowing interchanging back to its clear blue, the wind calming back down into its harsh breezes and the sky seemed less terrifing.

"Louis? No?" Harry muttered to himself. "OH COME ON! THAT'S NOT FAIR, IT N-ot.. not right I-i" Harry couldn't stop the tears that slide down his cheeks, burying his head into his arms, Harry cried unable to stop he sobs that tore at his throat. Harry ran home a few minutes later, water blurring his vision, he avoided his mother and landed on his bed with an almighty bang.

His tears ran dry at around 10:56pm, he'd been down at the beach since 7. God knows what time he was tricked by the sudden storm but Harry felt a rather powerful hatred towards the purple. He doesn't care that's its just a colour. Harry felt like every second that passed he forgot more about Louis. He woke up panicking that he could barely picture him.

He vaguely remembers his mother being up with him at some point, talking to him? yelling at him?he struggled to remember.

It's suffice to say that when Harry eventually fell asleep that he didn't dream nor did he have a nightmare. He just slept. Mind empty.


'Uugh' his rough voice grumbled from below his covers. 'Mm .. Umve uvpe' Harry tried to yell.

'Im up!' His voice cracked and his throat had turns into sandpaper.

His mother barged into the room with a harsh sigh. Staring at him for several seconds before slamming the door muttering about how she's 'giving up and how she 'doesn't care anymore'

Harry had a quick shower, got dressed and headed downstairs. Toast was left at the table with a scribbled note next to it.

*Harold, you have today off only.*

He decided not to go to the beach. Whether he was being petty or stubborn he didn't care. He felt like everything was mocking him. So far he had caught up on the Vampire Diaries, a successful afternoon if you edit out his crying session. Harry was content to spend the rest if his days in the comfort of his house, avoiding the world like he used to.


Heya mate, how come u wernt in today?

Mum let me off

Aw ok, me and Li missed u, were down at the pier wanna come dwn?

Eh, sure

Harry got himself up and off the couch with a lot of effort before grabbing up his keys and shoving on his jacket. He needed to be with he boys, and if that joined up with the pier then why not?

Harry locked the front door and headed down to the pier. Scouting the beach for a while before he eventually found figures moving underneath the pier.

"Harry! You made it" Liam said cheerfully and he pulled Harry in for a hug.

"Hey mate" Niall said following Liam's actions.

"Oh, we just met this guy, from out of town apparently" Niall turned to the lad, putting hand on his shoulder and pulling him in our cluster.

The boy stood proud, and gave me a smile in return. I certainly didn't recognise him. he was tall, and rather.. enchanting.

"Where are you from?"

"Depends how you look at it"

"Ok?" I laughed "Well how long are you here for?"

"Until I'm no longer needed I guess"

Wow. Ok. Don't give to much away. Deciding to move on from his careful replies I asked Liam how his day was. "Oh, not to bad, P.E was a hoot, Played basketball and Kate Maguire ended up getting smacked in the face-"

"I got 5 baskets!"

"Eh? yeah Niall scored but erm, nothing new, Mrs Bloom was rather mad today, we've now got music homework for mond-"

"Gave us 5 bloody pages of work, something about stupid serialism"

"ThanksNi, eh and we met this lad here at the beach and have been chatting to him"

"Kate? Oh god I wish I had been there"

"It was hilarious" Niall pushed towards me, chuckling loudly.

"I thought we were on minimalism now?"

"Apparently its not enough work" Liam repled dryly.

"So uh?" I uttered, searching my mind for a question to ask or something to speak about.

"Is your hair naturally like that? or?" the lad quipped, his head nodding forward, eyes locked on my curls.


"Im so jealous Harry Styles, takes me ages to fix my hair. Where as yours is so nice and windswept without you doing anything" he seemed to whine at me.

"Ha, yeah erm.. Wait.. What's your name? I don't even know?"

"It's Zayn, Zayn Malik"

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