Saved By A Mermaid - Larry Stylinson AU

Harry refused to call it luck. No, it was something much more, something better. It was Louis.

What adventures would you have if you we're Saved by a Mermaid?


8. Hello there sunshine!

So... Sorry? i haven't been in a writing mood at all recently so i was slowly adding a few sentences to this chapter at a time. As this is all unedited and written on my ipod i hope you'll forgive my spelling and grammer failures as i will try to edit it as soon as i can, but i figured you've waited long enough so i can post this rough chapter earlier. Thank you so much for reading and commenting by the way! it means a whole lot :) (sorry if  haven't replied to your comment, been a while since i was last online) 


Sun? Nope no sun. Lots of fog, Dim light and unhappy people. Harry tried his best not to let the gloom get to him but it seemed impossible. Instead he decided to just play video games for a few hours till he goes to meet the lads. A natural thing for teenage boy's to do. He's half an hour into playing a random shooting game when he hears the knock at the door. 

Pausing the game, Harry pushed himself off his bed and walked downstairs to the front door. After a quick lazy scratch to the nose and a slight sigh Harry pulled the door open. 

"Hello" Zayn greeted as he walked past Harry into the house. 

"Uh.. Hi?" 

"Lovely home you have here Harry" Zayn politely said, gesturing to his surroundings.

"Thanks, my mums doing. can i ask what are you here for Zayn?"

"I'm here just to.. Hang?" 

Harry let out a slight laugh. "Alright mate come upstairs, we'll hang" with a slight pat on the back, Harry led Zayn upstairs to his room. Harry sat back in front of his tv on the floor and passed a controller to Zayn. 
In return Zayn stared back snd forward between Harry and the object in his hands, his eyes wide and moving critically around the controller. Shaking the unknown plastic and pressing it against his ear. 

Harry started up the game, laughing silently as he watched Zayn. The sound of vibration echoed through the room along with a loud clatter on the floor. The controller hit the smooth surface before continuing to shake. 

Teaching Zayn the basics of the controller was easier than expected and in no time at all Zayn began to show skill and basically kick Harry's arse. In Harry's defence, he's not very good in any circumstance. Through with his losing streak Harry happily unlocked his phone to receive his new message from Liam. 

'Hey Haz. Ready 2 meet? I'm with Niall heading for the pier' 

"Zayn, time to go" Harry comments as he pulls Zayn away for the game and turns it off.


The walk to pier was short, Liam and Niall were sat at the end looking out towards the skyline. The sea was rough, not dangerous enough for the pier to be unsafe to sit on but Harry definitely didn't want to go into the water. The sky filled with grey clouds blocking the majority of the blue light behind them. 

"Hey Haz? You gonna sit down or what?" Niall said jokingly pulling at Harry's trouser leg. 

"Why we on the pier anyway?" Harry said sitting down and crossing his legs. 

"The sky looks troubled and I thought it was pretty so we just decided to go to the pier" 

Liam's words sunk into Harry's thoughts. Looking up to assess the sky himself. Harry saw the darkness covering the sky. Grey clouds all bundled close together almost covering the sky behind them. With a chill in the air and the cloud’s threat of rain looming over them Harry wondered why they were even outside. He couldn’t find himself to see the apparent beauty the others saw. He only saw the crashing wave's that looked hungry and the sky that shadowed over them.

 “It’s time” Zayn spoke using no shift in tone to express emotion.

“Time? For what? What you on about?” Liam asked, turning his head backwards to where Zayn was sitting behind him.

“You’ll see”

Sat in silence for a few minutes, the group of boy’s slowly began to build up a conversation. Talk of school tends to be of people they dislike or teachers who did something idiotic but this time they chatted about things they enjoyed. They laughed about Liam being a teacher's pet in his first few years, they brought up the time Niall got caught in the girls bathrooms and they reminisced about the time when Harry stayed up all night to make them friendship bracelets that they called 'Bro Bands'. Zayn never spoke a word though. He just sat staring at the sky. A smile on his face and his finger's twitching impatiently.

“I miss these chat’s” Liam sincerely added, as the laughter faded out.

“what do you mean” Niall questioned.

“I mean what I said, I miss chatting like this with you guys, lately everyone seems lost in their own world busy trying to figure out what to do with their lives. I feel like although we hang out a lot, we don’t joke around like before”

“I get what you mean Li”

“Yeah me too” Niall added, smiling at Harry and Liam. “you’re saying that we’re getting old and boring right?”

“Shut up you git!” Liam chuckled back, shoving Niall’s shoulder.

“Rain, it’s time”

They all turned to look at Zayn, feeling somewhat guilty of forgetting his presence but mostly confused.  Zayn stood up, steadily walking past them and dived straight into the ocean. Sound's of shock echoed around them.

“What the?” Niall muttered. eyes glued to where Zayn jumped.

“Zayn?!” Liam yelled, everyone getting up to their feet to lean over and look for the boy who jumped into the rushing waves.

“Where is he? I don’t see him!”

“The sea’s getting more rough, why on earth did he jump in, what was he thinking!” Liam raged on, hand’s gesturing rapidly in anger and worry. 

Looking out into the ocean Harry saw no sign of Zayn anywhere. Thought’s rising up in his head about what could possibly happen to Zayn has him raising his shirt above his head.  Pulling off his socks and shoe’s Harry ignored Liam and Niall’s protests as he saw a blur in the water and dived off himself.  Not being the strongest swimmer, Harry struggled to reach the blur that could and hopefully be his friend. He tried not to think about the cold water on his skin or the possibility of his friend not being alive and pushed forward till he reached his focus point. Taking a deep breath and pushing himself under Harry looked around for any signs of Zayn. The water was thick in the sense of it blocking his vision; floating back up Harry took a deep breath before going under again. Spinning around underwater, trying so see any sign of clothing or something that could lead him to Zayn. Reaching the surface again Harry breathed hastily, spitting out water and feeling panic rising within. Hair. Harry swam rapidly to where his eye’s caught a glimpse of what could be dark hair. Kicking his legs and forcing himself to swim that little bit faster Harry felt himself grab an arm. Pulling the person up to the surface and holding their waist so they wouldn’t go back under. Harry looked into the face in front of him, checking their pulse and pulling them closer. Harry nearly cried.

“Harry” the voice spoke, lighter and brighter than ever.

“Lou?!” Harry chocked out, tears falling out of his eyes, feeling nothing but complete.  Louis’ eye’s shone into his and all he felt was peace and love.

“Harry!” voices yelled out from the pier.

Turning to his friend’s he yelled back that he was alright and coming back. he pulled Louis to swim towards the direction of his friend’s before he remembered.

“Zayn!” he yelled out, startled that he forgot. What if Zayn was dead right now, they wouldn’t know.

“He is okay Harry, my love he simply went to visit his family, and he will be back soon”

“What?” Harry’s face scrunched up, eyebrows closer together and nose slightly raised.

“Zayn is my merfriend, my best merfriend”

“Oh, right” Harry muttered. Of course the new mysterious guy who was clueless about the world was his love’s best friend with a tail.

Telling that to a Panicking Niall and Liam though would be one hell of a challenge.


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