Saved By A Mermaid - Larry Stylinson AU

Harry refused to call it luck. No, it was something much more, something better. It was Louis.

What adventures would you have if you we're Saved by a Mermaid?


5. Heart In The Ocean

They could've at least cleaned up Harry thought as they threw him into his cell. Moss and some kinds of fungus could be seen from every angle. When Harry thought about coming with Louis he thought it would be harmless. And it was; apart from, you know, he's locked in a underwater dungeon.
Harry tried his best not to panic, to not think about his mothers worry, his unsettled fate and the green stuff floating around that seemed to be heading towards him.
"Louis, please save me"

"Where are the keys?" Louis fists banged against the wall in frustration.
"For the 6th time Louis, I cannot give you the keys" Paul's tone was sympathetic while trying to handle Louis anger.
"Fine" Louis snapped.

A grin appeared on his face. "See you for the feast, yeah?"
".. Yeah"
Louis chuckled lightly with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

As the feast began, trumpets sounded, everyone cheered and bubbles floated around the giant table. Louis grin was still present as he sat down next to Barron Kingsleys daughter Tessa. His father and the Barron had wanted a marriage between them for years. On his right, thank god, was someone other than Harry he had been missing.

"What shit-stirring drama whirlwind has your stupid self created now?"

"We'll dear, basically I saved a Harry, fell in love with him and refused to lose him"

"Oh god Louis, if anyone was going to do something that idiotic it had to be you" Zayn said with a slight shake of his head. "So, what's Harry like?"

"Perfect, he so beautiful zaynie! Brown curls, green eyes, pink lips and don't get me started on his body, mmm" Louis said while starting on his food.

"Sounds gorgeous Lou, but what I meant was his personality"

"No you didn't, you wanted to know if he was prettier than you. Sorry bud he is, my hearts aching right now"

Louis saddened as his bought a down spiralled. Zayn patted Louis on the back before firmly gripping his shoulder. A sign or respect and love for mer folk.

"Louis, you look very handsome this evening"

The squeak of Tessa's voice made Louis teeth scrape.

"Eh. Yeah I guess I do"

"Uh.. Um well what do you think if my dress"

"Oh, we'll its unique, different.." Louis' face contorted in thought while his arms gestured towards her. "It's awful really" he sated plainly. He saw the Barron look over as his daughter looked horrified.


Tessa ignored her father and leaned in to whisper into Louis ear.
"You didn't mean that Louis"
"Actually -ahem- I meant it, it's an awful dress, and your face looks like a slapped fish, not helping you be attractive. Seriously. Oh and before I forget, your voice makes me want to sandpaper my tail away so i can run as far as possible away from you"
Stunned silence lasted for 5seconds before hushed whispers spread all around. Louis smile and his fathers grimace appeared to have a battle of power. Louis stood up after dabbing his mouth with a napkin. His fathers rage seemed to build.

"Goodbye all, I hope to never see you again and have to talk fake pleasantries with you"

"Bored bored, I am soooo bloody bored. The guards asleep, and a bit of a creep, I'm still bored" Harry sang to himself his 4th set of different wee lyrics. Hands behind his head as his tail flipped slowly to keep him up in his lying down position.
After a sigh of frustration Harry closed his eyes and thought of something random. Whose he kidding, he thought of Louis.
Uproar seemed to sound from all directions. Shocking Harry and causing the curly haired boy to swish around trying to make out what they were saying.
"Your sons a disgrace"
"Some king you are"
"MY DAUGHTER DESERVES AN APOLOGY, until she gets one, we are at war"
Various yells and screaming echoed down hallways, thumps and clashes were made louder and stronger.
"I may not know the whole story. But I think that escalated quickly"
Pursing his lips, and tapping rhythmically on the bars. It's not like he's getting out soon. War or not.
The sound had risen and Harry was sick of it. Couldn't it be a silent war? Less annoying noises would be much appreciated.
After 5 minutes or so, a loud creak from the door stunned Harry. Looking to see who came in Harry cannot deny how his heart rate increased at the chance it was Louis.

The merman who entered wore a thick black mask with only holes cut into circles for eyes. The merman saw the guard snoozing while on he job and turned to Harry. On seeing the green tail he knew it wasn't Louis. But it looked familiar. The almost indented pattern that were on tails were all different, and from what Harry could gather, family's contained the same pattern.

Swimming over to he guard Harry expected him to wake him up, yell a him or something. But he pushed him away so he floated into a different cell and pressed 'lock'
Guessing that he heard Harry's "what the fuck?" Comment the merman released Harry's cell door.
Jumping back at the loud 'clink' Harry was even more focused on finding out who this person was.

" if you want out alive Harry. You will listen to me carefully, do not try and find Louis, when I open the door follow he corridor, then go east. Continue the path until there's a green door on the 3rd right. Swim too the surface as fast as you can and find your way to shore"
"I can't leave Louis"
"Louis is doing something of his own right now" flipping the switch the entrance flung open. "Leave now, you must go"
"But, I.. Who are you" Harry stuttered, hesitating wih his move forward.
"You'll find out soon enough" the merman sounded sincere.
And with those parting words Harry swam speedily down the corridor, after heading east Harry figured he should probably work on his trust issues. He doesn't have problems with gaining trust. No. He gives it away freely. Well it's worked out so far Harry thought upon seeing he green door.

With a push and a shove, Harry found himself swimming upwards with only slight glances to where he'd left from.
Breaking through the clear blue surface Harry pushed his curls away from his face and looked towards the shore line.
He must have just drifted closer to shore because Harry certainly didn't swim.
He waited for Louis, he had no idea if Louis was even looking for him. But, he didn't want to just. Leave. He wanted to talk to Louis to hold him, anything.

The water got more ruff and Harry lost track of how long he'd been floating. Eventually he realised he couldn't stay in the water anymore. Harry couldn't shake the sadness that took over deep inside him. He felt so much in his core but mostly he felt alone, empty. Like Louis was the warmth and the glow that emerged from him.
As Harry reached he shore line, laying on a the sand body half covered in water. Turning over, breathing heavily he leant up on his elbows and looked down to his tail. After a few moments Harry lifted him self more onto the sand, slowly the water only reached the tip of his fin, and with a final push, Harry saw his legs return and his tail vanish.

Wiggling his very pruned toes, he pulled his legs up and put his arms around his knees, looking far out to the sea where his heart was left.

The first signs of night were the reason Harry knew he had to go home, Louis hadn't appeared like Harry had hoped. Three hours went by so quick for Harry, on the fourth he felt the chill in he air turning so much colder, by the 6th hour Harry was practically shaking, moving his fingers and toes to keep his blood flowing.
He wasn't naked. He got up a few minutes after getting his legs back and desired to test them, he found his clothes on the sand, sitting in a neat pile beside the pier.

Harry's eyes were heavy but his skin was so chilled they opened involuntarily. Standing up with shivers running down his spine as the air creeped into all places left with mild heat.
"Sorry" was all that Harry muttered before he started running to his house, his joints slightly stiff and the cold affecting his stamina but Harry battled on, reaching his house and turning the door handle. He door being locked meant Harry knocked loudly for a few moments before having to bend over, puffing and gulping air and grasping tightly into his knees. He heard the light thump of feet rushing down stairs, light filling the windows and a key sliding into he lock of the door.
"Harry! Where the hell have you been? My god! You were meant to be back for your tea hours ago, it's bloody 11 clock and you have school. Get your arse inside this house right now!"
His mother shut the door so hard it could have shook the whole house. The lock turned hand his mother grabbed he back of his neck before recoiling.
" Harry your freezing? Why? Go upstairs get into you Pjs and warm up! Once your warm I want you to brush your teeth and then you can sleep"
Harry gave her an exasperated look in return.
" don't look at me like that! Just because you came back from a trip round the tundra, doesn't mean you can forget basic Hygiene!"

Following his mums instructions Harry was soon conked out on the bed, his heart aching and his eyes watery.

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