Saved By A Mermaid - Larry Stylinson AU

Harry refused to call it luck. No, it was something much more, something better. It was Louis.

What adventures would you have if you we're Saved by a Mermaid?


4. A Sight to Behold

Needs re-read so sorry for any mistakes =)



"Oh my starfish" Louis spoke to himself a he saw Harry's transformation. Harry's shirt seemed to deteriorate as his legs became smooth and silk like, within the blink of an eye Harry's tail replaced his legs and his skin seemed to glow. Harry's tail was the mixture of the green of his eyes and the blue of louis. A gorgeous turquoise. The curls seemed to act like a luscious halo but his torso screamed devilish. Louis was astounded. When did Harry get so sculptured and fit? How was this fair? There was only so much Louis could take and the v-lines, 6 pack and hidden hips were beyond that.

"Lou? Oh god Lou? I'm a freaking mermaid, this is so freaken weird! Wait... Can you hear me? Can we talk underwater? Lou? Louis?" Laughter burst out of Louis chest. Harry's eyebrows rose up before realising how silly his ramblings were.

"You twat! Yes you can talk, yes I can hear you and babe, you do have a tail. You even more so beautiful as a merman" Louis ended breathlessly. Leaning his hand out to feel Harry's curls and just look at the boy, Louis noticed the rose colour on Harry's cheeks.
"Beautiful, why not handsome or something more, manly"

"Because Harry, handsome can be told to any lad and be meant slightly, but beauty, true beauty can only be meant once in a blue moon. That's what you are Harry a rare and true beauty"
Harry stared in wonder of Louis words, Harry wouldn't disagree that perhaps his features were considered rather pretty, but this beauty that Louis spoke of wasn't him. It was Louis himself.

Louis thumb rubbed soothingly against Harry's forehead before moving down to feel his cheekbones, moving further down to soothe where Harry's dimple was hidden before slowly reaching up to lay on Harry's bottom lip. Sucking in a breath and looking in Louis eyes, Harry softly pressed a kiss to Louis thumb. Within seconds Louis face became closer to Harry's and both sets of eyes fluttered closed. Their foreheads touched and rested against each other before Louis opened his eyes. Harry's beauty was so subtle and pure to Louis. As Harry's eyes fluttered open Louis placed a gentle kiss on Harry's left cheek . Smiles on both faces were small and meant for themselves but both were noticed.
"Come on then beautiful, let me show you my world" With that, Louis captured Harry's hand as he swam to the place he knew so well.

The sea was sight to behold but with Louis' little comments he couldn't imagine it being horrible. Harry listened as Louis told story's of when he was younger and what stupid things he was caught doing over there and when he was found over somewhere west. Harry listened with a smile on his face and Louis warm hand in his. When Louis turned round his face alight and his eyes shimmering the moment was precious. Harry would lose 50 of his previous memories if he got to hold on to this one.
Harry knew he'd arrived in some place important just from looking at the massive building. Louis didn't seem to want to slow down at any point do they arrived at the front gate quickly.

"Ahh master Louis, welcome back. Will you be joining the feast this evening ?" Paul the security guard asked politely.

"Yes I shall be! Paul this is my Harry" Louis said as Harry and Paul shook hands. Harry's shyness was apparent as he stuck to Louis side like a tattoo.

"Looks like a charmer Master Louis"
Louis was really happy with Paul's response to Harry, Paul was always genuine with Louis. Harry's was still getting use to flipping his tail to move so Louis swam forward and pulled Harry along, gliding through the water. Harry was fascinated by the long corridors with various archways, exits and entrances. Many mer folk swimming to an through, most greeting Louis before swimming off towards an archway. As they reached the end of he considerably long corridor, Harry marvelled at the giant, gold coloured door In front of them. Intricate swirls and curling lines were he structure of the door. Harry could picture his art teacher having a field day with the art nouveau crap they were learning recently. He saw Louis hesitate with the doors opening. Turning to look at him Louis looked concerned.

"Harry, before we go in. I.. I have to tell you that my father had summoned your presence, he.. He's not fond of humans and isn't really that fond of me and you. But Harry, I need you to understand that in no way am I ever going to give you up.. Never ok?" Stunned Harry nodded, finding it a lot to take in.

"Yeah, yeah Louis, I believe you" Louis squeezed Harry's hand and moved forward. Right until half way between a throne which had a massive scary dude on it and 5 ish muscly mermaids with sharp objects. Yikes. Louis nodded in acknowledgement to his father and he saw he man on the throne signal to Louis to go over to where a older mermaid was. With the resemblance it was easy to say she was Louis mother. Looking down seemed easier to Harry. He didn't want to see Louis leave him. He felt fingers careess his jaw as the tilted it towards them. Louis smiled at Harry with little crinkles appearing at the side of his eyes. Louis let out a breath before leaning his forehead on Harry's and whispering 'won't leave you'. He could feel the hard stare that was placed on him and Louis. Louis looked up strongly at his father, showing his stance and projecting his strength through his eyes. Harry's saw Louis father seem to understand and tightened his jaw.

"Harry Styles is your name. Correct?"


"Hmm, tell me, what makes you a puny dirt lover worth of my son"

"Ugh.. I.. Um we'll I lo-" Harry's attempted to stop the word leave his mouth, but instead of changing it to 'loaf' which would have been fun to work his way out of explaining, Louis seemed to have his own idea. Soft, sweet and very lovely. Thats what Harry's decided Louis lips felt like on his. Louis held Harry's head with hands, one sifting around to feel Harry's curls. Kissing Harry was beyond perfect, Louis' never felt more complete.

"LOUIS TOMLINSON ACT LIKE THE PRINCE YOU ARE" Yanking off Harry's sensational lips and pulling Harry closer to him, he had never felt more determined than when he looked at his father.

"NO. I will act like the boy in love I am. Prince be damned. You will never speak about Harry like scum ever again, you will listen to me and listen carefully. Soon I will be ruler of the below and you of all will have to trust my judgement, Harry is worth more than half of the people in the room and I will be with as long as he wants me to be" "I can't imagine never not wanting you Lou"

"What you feel for this boy is due to you giving him your essence! They aren't real and when you learn that the better. This boy should stay on land where he belongs" "I shall prove to you my love for Harry is true, but understand this, if you send Harry home, I will go with him"

The king the below knew Louis was very stubborn since he was born. His possessiveness over the 'Harry' would make Louis threat real. He did the only thing he could honk of to protect his son from fake love.

"Very we'll, he shall go somewhere to cant follow. Paul, Tom, Danny! Take Harry Styles to the dungeon to be held until the sunset on late Friday. Then Louis can attempt to prove his love" The three men took Harry out if Louis grasp and Louis was furious.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF HIM" Louis voice roared throughout the kingdom. Harry's eyes pleaded towards Louis as he was pulled away into a unknown hallway. Louis was being restrained by Bruce, Louis fathers favourite warrior. Although putting up a fair battle Louis saw Harry disappear from his sight as Bruce held tightly to him.

"No" Louis whispered feeling more broken than ever, he couldn't protect Harry. He promised himself he would. But Louis' not a quitter.


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