Hole in the middle of my heart Like a Polo....

Heyy everybody this is Cady this is my Movella Karlas not helping but a know she will be doing her own movella too <3 love you!! Story: A girl Named Ezra (yes like the book of the Bible..) She is very pretty Long BLonde hair and Krystal BLue eyes..Very short..compared to her New Roommate Zayn..Yes Zayn malik..She moved in with a complete stranger..She didnt know who he was till he arrived..Are they in for a time of there life?...


3. Chapter 3

                                                      **ZAYNS POV**                                                                                                   I woke up To Ezra saying Zayn over and over then ''i love you Zayn'' So i woke her up then she bawled in my arms i petted her hair ''Its going to be ok it was just a dream'' i said to her...''You fell asleep last night and i texted lou cuz i woke up randomly and Why didnt you tell me it was your Birthday?'' i asked ''I forgot well...Kinda My grandparents dont care but i moved out im a grownup and like..ya'' She said ''oh'' ''thanks for being here for me Zayn'' ''Welcome!'' ''The boys want to come but if you dont want them to its good!'' ''Its alright Zayn'' ''Im going to take a shower'' she said 'Alright!''

                                              Ezras POV***                                                                                                I went to the shower and started singing Rock me..''Do you remember Summer 09,,,'' then i forgot Zayn was here and stopped..I got out and went to my room in a towel..''Zayn im going to my room dont come in'' ''Crap'' i heard but i walked in and there he was in the bed....''Just stay its good just go back to bed'' I said..then started Dressing.

                                          Zayns POV** 

She started dressing,of course i respected and coverd my eyes ''ok'' she said and i looked up and she was wearing a Green JW shirt and Black SKinny jeans and Green Supras ''If i may ask if your grandparents didnt care about you how come you have Awesome things?" i asked ''Well you know when people Die they leave things with people..Well they were rich and i got all the money'' ''Thats amazing they left it with you!'' I said ''You look very pretty!'' I exclaimed ''Thank you Mr.Malik!'' She said ''im going to take a shower'' I said.. ''Alright!'' She said

                                    **Ezras POV**                                                                                               When Zayn Left for the shower...I snick a peek at his room His wardrobe was normal So ya! I walked out..And went into The Kitchen and Started making Him a special Breackfast but we have the same customs So we eat the Same things!! He came in..''Are you Muslim Like me?" He asked ''Ya something i dint get to mention" I said with a laugh.Then he laughed and there was a Knock at the door ''Ill get it'' I said.Then there was Louis ''Louis'' I yelled! He was holding bags with bacon ''i see you remember my costomes!'' I said with a laugh ''Of course!!'' Well go ahead and make yourselves at home'' I said to the boys.Then Zayn came in ''Shes a keeper'' I heard Liam Whisper...''I know but i dont like like her'' He whisperd back..Ehh i dont like like him! Hes Just like a brother.                                                                         **For those of you looking for a love story SORRY this is about a girl who grows cclose with 1D Like a big family!!**

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