One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


27. Zip up ~ Niall for Lizzy

Tonight was your boyfriend Nialls birthday, you and a few of his friends were going to his favorite pub to celebrate the special day.

You were in your and Nialls shared room as you finished your hair anad make-up. After you were finished you slipped on your tight balck dress that barely made it to your knees. You new it look tight and most likely a bit much but you didnt care it was Nialls birthday and he asked you to ware it. You tried to zip it up but you couldnt reach.

"NIALL" you yell down stairs to your boyfriend who was probaly sitting on the sofa watching football.

You were suprised to see him walk in dressed. He had on a pair of dark skinney jeans with a white button up  shirt but was still opend showing off his toned tan chest making your body feel weak.

"Are you okay Liz" He asks the overprotected side of him showing.

"Yes baby, I just need you to zip my dress up" you explaine truning around your back facing him.

Shivers run down your spine as Nialls warm hands lightly brush over you skin as he zips up the back of your dress. He kisses down your neck placing his big hands over your little hips pulling you close to him your back hitting his chest.

"You look unbelevibely sexy in that dress princess" Niall whispers in your ear gripping your hips tighter turning you to face him.

You look down at your feet as your face redends at his comment. He chuckles lightly kissing your neck knowing your embarrassed.

"I'm already having trouble restraining myself from taking that dress off you right now" he says moving his hands down your body to your bum squeazing it making you giggel loudly.

You step on your tippy toes giving his jaw as sweet kiss before whispereing "Well if your a good boy tonight you might be able to take it off"

You fell Nialls mucels tightend up as he gronas pulling your body closer "Then we should leave, the sooner we get home the better"

"As you please birthday boy" you tease kissing his lips quickly before braking from his grip walking to the bed sliping on your red heels.

"Okay lets go baby" Niall says while butting his shirt. You both drive to meet his friends at the club and have an amazing time.

And lets just say, Niall was a very good boy ;) HHAHAHA !

(Hope you like it, OH and dont forget to follow me on twitter @EricaRoseBff , Thanks so much !!


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