One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


3. Surprise~ Niall for Chelsea

This is the fist time you've seen Niall in over a week.

Hes been spending a lot of time with his mum since he came home form his tour , and they'd been gone for awhile which was understandable.You were just missing him like crazy. But tonight, tonight was your night.

"Were are we going" you asked again pleading for an answer from the passenger side of Niall's car.

He chuckled lightly "it wouldn't be much of a surprise if  I told you now would it" he said looking over at you with a smile.He has been driving down the same dark road for what seamed like forever as you were starting to grow very anxious.

"Seriously were are we going" you ask to the unfamiliar scenery.

"Babe, just trust me" he said with yet another cheeky simile

You crossed your arms sitting back in your seat letting out a loud sigh, Niall let out a soft chuckle as he rubbed your inner thigh comfortably giving it a little squeeze.

"Were almost there love, I promise" he said sweetly.

He turned on a dirt road that you could tell hasn't been used in years, after about another mile off driving the car finally comes to a stop, but all you see is nothing but over grown shrubs and trees.

"ummm Niall .... you trail off confused as to how a dead end road was the 'special surprise' he had in mind.

"Don't worry this isn't it" he laughed as he cut off the engine "there's a walk way just behind that tree" he explained pointing to a small tree. Both got out of the car, you waited by the car door as he went around to his trunk to grab something.

"Okay ready" he said as he reached for your waist.

You turned around to face him to see him holding a big blanket and picnic basket in his hand and a enthusiastic smile upon his face.A smile formed on you face as he reached out to grab your hand. He led you through the hidden path way until you reached the other side of the crowed path way.

Coming into view of our final destination, you were absolutely in awe as you took in the scene before your eyes.You were standing on the sand of a small beautiful secluded beach.The moon light reflecting off the water in the distance as the waves were crashing smoothly against  the sandy shore. Niall had set up a little picnic area in the mounds off sand, with posts that held lanterns.

It was absolutely  magical, you were speechless as you took everything in. Niall eyes staring at you waiting for a reaction.

"This is perfect" you whisper still in shock.

A large pleased smile formed across his face as he squeezed your hand and leand in for a quick kiss "glad you like it babe"

You both laid down on the blanket, you snuggled up to his chest him lightly kissing your head enjoying the beautiful sight.

"Oh wait" he said excitedly sitting up grabbing the picnic basket opening it looking for something. You eyed him up curiously wondering what he was doing. He pulled out a bottle of champagne and to glasses poring you a glass.

"For my lovely lady" he said in his cute Irish voice.

"Thank you kind sir" you say giggling loudly.

He pulled the picnic basket on his lap "okay lets see here" he said rummaging threw it.He looked so innocent and cute just genuinely looked like he was trying to make everything perfect.The next thing you new you pushed the basket out of his hands, pushing on his chest making him lay down on his back you laying on top. You just couldn't resist yourself , all you wanted to do was taste his lips which you missed so much..

At first he was surprised but soon kissed back wrapping his hands around you're wait pulling you closer deepen the kiss.Soon you both pulled away out of breath smiling like idiots.

"Baby I missed you so much" he mumbled on your lips.

" I love you" you say back kissing his lips .

You guys laid there enjoying each others company, feeding each other chocolate strawberries , playing in the water.

It was am magical night, you two madly in love.

(Hope you like it Chelsea, it took me a while haha : ))


















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