One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


37. Snow Globe~ Liam for Zoe

(I recommend listing to the song Say Anything by Tristan Prettyman, that’s the song I listened as I wrote this one. Thought I would let you know to get the whole feel or what ever I don’t know lol. Hope you enjoy :)


You stared blankly into the beautiful city as you sat on the window ledge motionless cuddle up in a big fluffy commuter. Your petty fingers grasping a warm cup of tea, sipping it once in awhile trying to keep warm. It was the beginning of December. White snow falling from the sky ever so slowly covering the streets of London. You couldn’t help but feel memorized at the sight before you. Fore some reason this moment made you think of a snow globe.

“Snow globes symbolize a meaning of a child’s imagination with the vision of a perfect world. It could also mean being trapped in a perfect world that others have created for you where all of their expectations and assumption trap you in a cage of glass like a snow globe.”

That’s exactly what you felt at that very moment, trapped. That quote was exactly how your life was. Everyone looking down at you like you were some kind of weird creature that wasn’t human, people always judging you, cutting you down like you had no feelings. Everyone’s opinions and judgment trapping you down like you were in a cage.

If it wasn’t your mother down your throat 24/7 pressuring you into being something your not, having a negative comment on ever aspect in your life. There was the pressure of living in your perfect brother footsteps. Or the cameras in your face following your ever move, the media always writing awful things. But there was only one thing in this world that made dealing with all of those things possible. Made life worth living. There was only one person that could make all the pain go away by just looking in their eyes, seeing their breath taking smile.

The person who glued all your broken parts together, making you whole again.

You were startled as big warm arms engulfed your fragile body, the love of your life bringing you into his hard chest as he sat behind you, the warmth relaxing your cold frail skin as he held you. “Good morning beautiful”

You leaned your head into his chest as you lightly traced his tattoo covering his muscular forearm. “Good morning to you to baby” you giggle lightly as Liam places sweet little kisses down your neck as his arms tighten around your body.

“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you Zoë” he confessed between kisses as he slowed down his movements. “One more day and I swear I would of went insane”

You nodded slowly scared to use your voice. The last month Liam has been gone in America for promo for the new album. The whole time you were a complete and utter mess, just thinking off all the lonely nights spent in this giant apartment made your eyes water. You new exactly how he felt.

“How did you sleep” you asked quickly changing the subject.

“Amazing, I’ve missed my bed” he chuckled.

“But you know what I really missed the most” he groaned sheepishly his large warm hands lightly trailing up and down your naked thigh leaving a tingling sensation at his touch. .

“W-what” you hesitated as his lips reconnected with your neck only this time he wasn’t so gentle. You had on nothing but a large shirt of Liam’s that came down about mid thigh and black laced panties. Liam’s hands started to wonder up his shirt, your body shuttering in his arms.

“You” he whispered his lips hovering over your ear giving it a kiss. You were taken completely off guard as he effortlessly lifted you up off the ledge turning you around to where you were straddling his hips your foreheads pressed together.

“You baby, you’re the only thing that’s worth missing” he mumbled on your lips.

You couldn’t keep the smile off your face, and this was the reason no one else mattered. Liam was all you needed in life, and you were perfectly okay with that.

“I love you” you say wrapping your arms around his neck pecking his lips.

“Well then I guess right know would be a good time to do it” he smiled lightly moving you from his lap back onto the ledge. “I’ll be right back baby” he said kissing your nose leaving you in confusion as he ran over to his suite case that laid by the bed. He continued to search threw it for a few seconds more until he finally found what he was looking for, smiling in triumph.

He happily moved back to you grabbing your hands in his bringing you to your feet. Liam was about a good four or five inches taller then you so you had to look up to look in his eyes. Those beautiful brown eyes.

He gently toke your face in his hands, his thumb brushing your cheeks slightly relaxing underneath his touch.

“You know I never really figured out how in the hell I got so lucky” he breathed lightly laughing, making your face grow even more confused.

“What do you mean”

“Your perfect” he said pulling you closer to his body. “Ever single day I wake up thinking this is all a dream, there’s no way you can be real” he confessed making you feel light headed. Before you could respond he contained. “But you are and your fucking perfect in everyway, and most importantly your mine Zoe and I promise to the day I die I’ll treat you like that queen you are baby” he finished with a small smile on his perfect lips,

You felt your heart drop in your chest as you saw Liam leaning down getting down one one knee. That’s when you lost it, you were a sobbing mess as you witnessed the love of your life kneeling with the most beautiful diamond you’ve ever seen.

“I want to keep my promise, I want to be the only one you need. If you let me I promise to love and cherish you, I love you more than anything in this world Zoë. Its me and you against the world baby” he said with a big smile emotions over taking your body. You couldn’t comprehend what was going on.

You felt as you were going to faint as the words finally came out. “Will you do me the honors of making me the happiest man on this earth and becoming mine forever” He asked looking deep into your eyes as he grabbed a hold of your hand. “Marry me”

You didn’t even need a second to think, You already new where you belong.

“Of course Liam, Yes I will marry you” You giggle unaccountably as he slides the gorgeous diamond ring on your finger quickly standing up connecting your lips.

“I love you so fucking much Zoë, holly shit I love you so much” he mumble between kisses as he grabbed the bottom of your thighs picking you up making you wrap your legs around his waist.

“I love you to Liam. So much” you say back smiling like crazy as your back hit’s the bed Liam hovering over you as he kissed down your neck.

“Well that good because I’m afraid your mine for the keeping Darling” he groaned kissing your lips. You still getting the same feeling in your stomach as you did the fist time.


(Hope you like it Zoe, dont forget to tell me what you think, Thank you)


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