One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


2. Sexy when your mad~ Niall for Aisha

You and Niall drove down to Mullingar for the week to visit his family for Christmas they were very sweet an you like them a lot. They were all out at the store which left you and Niall home alone. You laid comfortably on the sofa your legs lazily across Niall's lap watching him play FIFA.

His hands resting on your shins as he held the X-box controller in his hands trying to score a goal. You couldn't help but laugh as he grew angry and cursed at the game as his kick was blocked yet again.

"MOTHER FUCK" he hissed biting his lip in frustration. "This is bullshit" he said pausing the game throwing his controller on the couch sighing loudly with anger You giggled making him look over at you with a mad expression. You couldn't help but notice how hot he looked when he was angry.

"Whats so funny Aisha" he asked giving you the evil eye.

You sat up laughing "your kinda sexy when your mad" you say with a cute smile.

He looked over at you chuckling " oh, I  am now"  You nodded your head blushing.

"Well your always sexy" he said smiling. 

He turned his body grabbing the belt loops of your shorts pulling you closer to him your back still flat on the couch. He positioned himself on top of you, his body pressing against yours. He began attacking your lips with his in a playful matter you giggled against his lips as your lips touched.With each peck he began to linger longer on your lips.You grabbed the nap of his neck pulling him closer to you.His tongue tickled yours as you guys developed deeper in the kiss. He hitched one of your legs up his body sank low between the gap in your legs.Your lips moving in sync with each others.

As time passed your breathing became heavier, the passion between you too growing at a rapid rate.He moved his hands to your waist fumbling with the button on your shorts but you quickly pushed his hands away.

"Your mom could come home at any minute" you breathed disconnecting your lips.

"I'm willing to risk it" he whispered heavily reconnecting your lips.

His hands sneaked up your shirt giving you goosebumps.

"Niall....."  you moaned as he kissed your neck.

"No not now" you hissed pushing his hands away.You tried to push him off but he was to strong.

"Baby your not thinking with you head right now" you whispered giving him a sweet little kiss.

"We cant risk your mom walking in on us" you added.

As if on cue , you heard a key rattling in the lock of the front door.

"Shit" Niall eyes widened quickly jumped off you, you both quickly scrambled to opposite sides of the couch fixing your hair and straightening out your sweatshirt with the palms of your hands.

"wheres my controller" he said in a frenzy lifting the pillows in a panic.

It would look oddly suspicious sitting her staring at a paused game.

"Your sitting on it" you say in a hushed tone.

He quickly grabbed it sitting back down pressing start. With that his mom walked in.

"Hey sweetie" his mom cheerfully said with a big smile walking into the living room.

"Oh, hi mum" he said coolly "I didn't hear you come in"

You tried to hold your laughter in but it slipped out.

'Well i"m going to go make dinner" she said walking into the kitchen.

As soon as she was out of sight Niall pulled you closer.

"Tonight" he whispered in your ear giving it a little kiss sending shivers down your spine.

"Cant wait" you whisperer laying back down with a big smile...


(I hope you like it Aisha, thanks for commenting. Sorry if you don't like it. -Erica)











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