One Direction ~ Imagines

Here are some Imagines i thought of. If you would like to be in one , or if you have a specific thing you want or an idea just comment and i would be happy to put you in one. Thanks so much - Erica :)


30. Pregnant ~ Niall for Savannah

You couldn't believe your eyes. Reading it over and over again hoping it would change, but however how many times you read it never did.


The eight letter word nearly made your heat stop. Making it hard for you to breath.

Your only nineteen years old how are you suppose to raise a baby. What will you do. And most importantly what will your boyfriend Niall do. Will he leave, will he stay. Thousand of questions ran though your head.

The thought of not having Niall in your life made you feel sick. But what if he really didn't want the baby,or to have a family with you. What if would leave you and your baby and never come back. You couldn't help the tears streaming down your faces as you thought about reality. In a dream world you and Niall would live happily ever after with your baby watching her grow living a perfect life. But this was no perfect world. Niall was living his dream being in the band One Direction with his best mates. He's barely ever home either in the studio or on tour. In what world would he have time for a baby when he barely has anytime for you.

The next thing you new you were curled up in a ball balling your eyes out praying this was all a bad dream and you would wake up in your 'perfect world' . But it wasn't just a dream it was cruel reality.

The next thing you new you heard the bedroom door shut making you jump. You untangle yourself from the sheets looking up to find a confused Niall looking down at you. You st up wiping your eyes giving him a sweet little smile.

"Baby what's wrong, Why are you crying. I could hear you all the way from down stairs"  Niall says quietly standing still resting his hands in his pockets.

You shift uncomfortably on the bed looking away from Niall not wanting to meet his questionable gaze. You had no idea what to say. How do you tell someone your pregnant and you were hoping you wouldn't of had to learn so soon.

You finally found the courage to look up at him. He's still the way he was. Standing there with his hands in his pockets with a hurt and confused look on his face staring at you waiting for answers .

"N-Niall" you whisper quietly tears begin to run down your face like earlier.

"What baby, Pleas just talk to me" he begged walking over to the bed sitting down next to you.  

You crawl into his lap smuggling into his chest. You couldn't explain it to he you just couldn't. So why not show him.

"G-Go in the b-bathroom and read w-whats on the c-counter"  you finally choke out crying even harder. He looks down at you even more confused but dose what you say. He kisses your head lightly gently pushing you of his lap walking over to the bathroom.

Seconds seamed like hours as you waited for Niall to come out of the bathroom screaming and yelling saying he was leaving and wanted nothing to do with the baby, but nothing happened you didn't understand what was taking him so long.

You slowly got out of bed walking over to the bathroom. You saw Niall sitting on the toilet with his head resting in his hands. Your heart stop when you saw the small rectangle clutched in his hand. He new and you've never been so scared in your life. But you were surprised he hasn't said a word yet.  

"Is this a fucking joke savannah" Niall asked looking up with anger and hurt in his eyes.

You had no idea what to say. You just stood there staring at the love of you life and the now father of your unborn child praying he'll stay with you.

"Savannah what the hell is this" Niall asked standing again even more anger in his voice pointing to the test. You looked down at your feet not wanting to meet his eyes.

"I'm sorry" you whisperer tears streaming down your face.

"Saying sorry is not going to take the problem go away'

You body tightened as he revered to you baby as a 'problem'. You finally had enough.

"Go to hell, I know you don't want me or the baby. But you have no right to speak to me this way" You yell storming out of the bathroom laying back down on your bed. Niall walked out of the bathroom with out saying a word waking down stairs. When somethings going so well, everything has to fall apart. You ended up crying yourself to sleep.



You were woke up by the sound of the door opening and closing but you were to lazy to open your eyes. You were startled as you felt someone get into bed then two strong arms wrap around your waist pulling you into their chest. You new it was Niall so you didn't resist. He placed his hands gently on your stomach rubbing little patterns.

"I love you" Niall whispered into your neck giving it sweet little kisses. "I'm sorry, I was stupid and surprised. I'm so sorry , I love you so much princess"

You turned around in his arms facing him. "I love you Niall" You say back snuggling into his chest.

"I want us to be a family" He said proudly kissing your head making you smile.

Maybe you might get your perfect life after all.


(Hope you like it , Thanks)


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